Did some launches today!!!

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Nov 4, 2012
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Milton, PA
Well very little wind here today and thats rare! So I went and launched every rocket I have finished about 1 to 3 times each! Started them all out on A8-3's. Baby Bertha E went about 100 feet, so Cherokee-E went about 75. Didn't launch on any more than a B6-6, bc the wind started to pick up about an hour after I got there, think I was there at 10am and just got back. The Crossfire was my favorite because of the upgraded shock cord and swivel for the chute it was such a nice flight. Baby Bertha has the fins a bit warped bc it was my first time papering them with water/glue. It went crazy on a B6-4. Almost side ways, then I had issues fitting the chute in but finally did, doesn't want to eject the wadding well bc of the smaller engine and bigger tube. I was using a A to D adapter with the "E" plug. I wanted to do it with a C6-5 and send it, but kinda felt it was too dangerous being that it went almost dead with the horizon not far off the ground. Too populated of an area to be an IDIOT. Plus if I'm gonna loose or destroy it, its getting the biggest motor that will fit that E tube. I had a blast, new range box worked out nice. Just need to add baby wipes and baby powder! A lot of pics and video so I'm not sure if they will all DL!

Had an ignitor issue too, one or two went completely bad, the others I had to pull out and "twist" the ignitor end a little, then it was a go. And I tried to filter out all of those bad ignitor videos, but I did talk so I don't think I said anything too bad..PG-7...

Most flies were too large to DL. So got what I could!!


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Great fights - I'm jealous. I do not think I've ever spent that many engines at 1 time! Way to go! :)
I know. I wish I had a bigger pace I would have done D and E engines. That Baby Bertha E is gonna get a brother, its too unstable to launch on a D. Its gonna be one of my treaters rockets. Anyways I have another E engine kit, and they are 8 bux at Hobby Lobby. So thats another build too!!