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Jan 19, 2009
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10 people voted for "Multi-Engine" and by a wide margin, that theme won. So RMR Descon 14 will be the "Multi-Engine Online Invitational Design Contest".

The Online Invitational means that anyone that is online can participate whether you are an RMR'er or not. I will be using RMR, TRF, and MaxThrust to communicate happenings.

I will get the website worked up by the mid-June.

In the meantime the contest is open and is running from June 1st - August 31st.

Let the designs begin.

Just wondering if any TRF'ers are going to submit?
Originally posted by EMRR
Just wondering if any TRF'ers are going to submit?
Maybe, haven't come up with anything good yet. Last minute is still a loong way off.:eek:
Never even thought of entering Descon before...looks fun so I'll give it a go.
Let's go, let's go....

Come on now... here's a big TRF chance to have a significant presence in the RMR Descon Invitational!

Let's go, let's go....

Nah, don't bother. Stupid contest with no good prizes. Better to spend time at the field, the beach, the moutains, the pool, the TV....
Originally posted by rstaff3
Nah, don't bother. Stupid contest with no good prizes. Better to spend time at the field, the beach, the moutains, the pool, the TV....

Or stuffing tha ballot box.....
I've added my own modest effort to the contest. The webpage for it is at Art's DESCON 14 entry It isn't much, I turn all my good ideas into kits if I can.
Like most of my stuff, it is constructed entirely from cardstock and foam-backed posterboard.
Time Remaining: 26 days
Number of Finished Entries: 3
Number of Placeholders: 6
Number of Prizes: 14


Current Updates:

Adrian Hurt's Rheinbote is now complete
Art Applewhite has added a placeholder for 3-Stage Cluster Cone
Nick Esselman's Cluster Mercury Transport has been added, complete

Sponsors - be sure to thank them and buy something before summer ends!
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U.S. Rockets - https://www.usrockets.com/
Xavien - https://www.xavien.com/
Rocketflite - https://www.rocketflite.com/
QuickBurst - https://www.quickburst.net/
Art Applewhite's Rockets - https://www.artapplewhite.com/
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Aerotech - https://www.aerotech-rocketry.com/


My entry is still in the Top Secret/Codeword stage at this point but coming along nicely. I hope to have it finished and flown by next weekend.

I noticed you entered your 29 mm Mercury Transport. Are we allowed under the rules to enter designs that have been submitted previously to EMRR as a review? I wasn't sure if that counted as an article/publication or something posted on a private website. Sounds like your call.

Good looking rocket, BTW! I particularly like the use of the yard/meter sticks as fins.

The rule is:

2) Previously published* or entered designs are ineligible except in the case of rule 4.

* This means magazine articles or other competitions, not private web sites.

We'll ultimately let others decide.

Looking forward to your top secret design.

9 days left! Come on TRF'ers get some of those Cluster Projects documented and submitted to Descon14! I know ya'll have them as I have read about them throughout the forum.

I think I have something to enter :).

Titan ... .Nope - published on fliskits
Glotova ... Nope - published on fliskits
Super Glotova ... Won't Fly in Time

I know!!!

Amercian Spirit :) Never entered that design in a contest ;).

Just have to throw together an HTML File :)
Read 'em and weep. 3 stages, 3 motor cluster and not a fin in sight, (should get extra points for that). :)

I flew it in several configurations, with different motor combinations at the Alamo Rocketeers launch yesterday. All flights were successful. See my DESCON 14 Entry page for photos.
Mine is complete and successfully flow. Will finish up the write up this week....
Art, glad to see your entry complete! You know how I love saucers...and hats and pyramids and other things that don't look like rockets :D

Looks like there are a lot of cool entries this time...guess I'll get smoked :)
Originally posted by SwingWing
Still gotta fly.......

Same here. CATO rained out. Luckily it's below power and weight limitations and I can fly it myself.
Submitted my entry a couple days ago. I hope to see it on the site soon, so people can have a couple days to look at it before the voting begins ;).
It will be up. Don't worry, it is clear that the amount of time an entry is up, does not determine winning votes.

Completed entry, with flight

Placeholder, not a complete entry with documentation and/or flight.

Placeholder - intent is on providing an entry.

Time Remaining: 2 days
Number of Finished Entries: 11 (up from 6 2 days ago)
Number of Placeholders: 6 (down from 8 2 days ago)
Number of Prizes: 14


Current Updates:

Drake Damerau's Three Bird now complete
Eldred Pickett's X-Factor now complete
Doug Gardei's American Spirit added and complete
Dennis McClain-Furmanski's Thunderchild added and complete
Dennis McClain-Furmanski's Sandman added and complete

Time Remaining: 2- days
Number of Finished Entries: 12
Number of Placeholders: 6
Number of Prizes: 14


Current Updates:

Jason Hommrich's Renegade Extreme is now complete
Jim Myers has submitted Chubby Boy With FatBoy Booster - placeholder

Time Remaining: 19 hours
Number of Finished Entries: 14
Number of Placeholders: 5
Number of Prizes: 14


Current Updates:

Tater Schuld finishes his The Day The Earth Stood Still Saucer
Mark Schrader adds his Polish Meteor 2K

Root for Niall Oswald (2), Eldred Pickett (1), David Fergus (1), and Jim Myers (1) to finish their placeholders.

Anyone else going to slam me with entries?!!!