Raytheon Aim-7F Sparrow down size

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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I was off from work because of snow so I did another down size. This the the Sparrow. It has a 24mmmotor mount with a 18mm adapter. Here is the picture of the full size one.
very nice, should go well. you can always put a D13 in there/.....sorry I just read another post ;)

That's a great looking rocket! How much nose weight does it take to make it stable?


I think it needs a small...not much...tail cone.

What size is the body tube?

Great so far!

How about a whole line of small military missils? A bt-60 sized AMRAAM, HARM, a Maverik

oooohhhh a BT-60 sized Pheonix with a 24mm motor mount!!!

Met man It took .6oz acording to roc sim

Sandman I see the little tail cone now. I used BT55 tubes just because it is what I have on hand I am waiting for my BT 60 tubes.

I am down sizing a Hawk to. It will be a BT50 with a 18mm motor mount.

Here is the picture of the full scale Hawk
Originally posted by rocket trike

Here is the picture of the full scale Hawk

When I was a kid I had a die cast model of just that picture. My father worked at Raytheon - Bedford on both Sparrow and Hawk. Hurry up and get these into production so I can buy 'em both!:cool:
Man I forgot all about the Hawk!

Probably one of the coolest missles.

Yea...a BT-60 size is about right.

How about a BT-50 size Sidewinder AIM 9...the BT-56 size from Estes really needs a 24mm.


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