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PVC Charge Wells

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Feb 20, 2009
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I have a box full of PVC charge wells that I am never going to use. They are of two main types (see first pic). One shown is smaller (flat bottom and threads) is approx. 1/2" dia. and 3/4" deep. The second has a rounded bottom (this I just grind/sand down to a flat portion and screw into bulkhead as normal) and is appox. 3/4" dia. and 1-1/8" deep. These will be given away in groups in 10. I have 40 of the small and 20 of the larger. You can request up to 20 parts in one mailing and the cost will be $4.25 to cover First Class parcel postage of either the 10 or 20 pieces in a padded envelope. Finally I have one mixed bag of about a dozen of various size/style (bottom pic). That is also $4.25. Request "mixed bag" if that is your choice and you will get that final grouping.

Preference is Paypal Friends/Family. Send $4.25 to dixontj936 at gmail dot com. Please PM or include your mailing address with payment and specify what you'd like: small, large or 10 of each or the "mixed bag." One request/mailing per TRF member.


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