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Sold Homemade 9” HDPE Parachutes for $2.50 each

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Apr 25, 2022
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Western, KY
I am selling 9 inch parachutes that I make myself. These are 9 inches from “flat to flat” (give or take about 1/8 of an inch) and are made out of grocery bags. The shroud lines are vintage Coats & Clark Extra Strong Button & Carpet thread (see pics). They are attached by tying them (simple double knot with a smidge of white or yellow glue) to the corners of the hexagonal parachute and the holes are reinforced with homemade reinforcement rings. The shroud line length is approximately 9 inches, or 1 parachute diameter.

These are specifically designed for BT-20 model rockets (see pics), where a streamer just isn’t enough, yet you struggle to fit in a 9” nylon parachute and want a more reliable deployment than what the Estes 6” parachute can offer.

I believe these will also work in BT-5 rockets (see pics), although I imagine a streamer might be enough to slow that small of a rocket down to a safe recovery. But if you want a parachute for a rocket that small, this is something to consider and try out.

Because I haven’t undergone extensive testing with these parachutes, my initial sale is limited to a small run of 4 parachutes. The price of $2.50 (shipped) can be sent via cash or Paypal (friends and family only, please). However, these initial buyers only pay AFTER they have received the parachute and are happy with its performance. If you’re one of the initial buyers and think this parachute is a piece of crap, you don’t have to pay for it. All I ask is that if someone believes the parachute I sent isn’t worth the money, please tell me why. Most people here seem like an honest bunch, so I trust any buyers will pay the $2.50 if they feel the parachute works well for them.

Whether they’re happy or not, I strongly encourage buyers of the initial run to contact me with any constructive feedback. This will help determine if I do another run and if so, whether I make any changes or tweaks to the next batch of parachutes.

A few notes about these parachutes:

1. The cost of $2.50 includes shipping, as these will be sent in a regular envelope using a first class postage stamp. Also, selling to USA buyers only.

2. Yes, you could make them yourself, but what you’re paying for is time. I know for many of us, building is half (if not most) of the fun. So if you want to make them yourself, please do! I’m more than happy to answer any questions.

3. They’re designed to pack down in a much smaller space (see pics) than the 9” nylon commercially available parachutes, although not likely as durable.

4. They’re designed to deploy more reliably than the 6” Estes rockets and also handle heavier rockets.

5. They should be as strong and physically durable than the Estes 6” plastic parachutes. But they won’t have the durability of the commercial 9” parachutes you can buy, such as the ones made by Top Flight. They also should have heat resistance that’s comparable to Estes 6” parachutes, but I expect the Estes 6” parachutes to be a bit more durable against heat given the thicker plastic and shroud lines.

6. These are made with HDPE, so for maximum deployment reliability, add talcum powder or baby powder to them.

7. They work well with a spill hole cut into them.

If demand is there, I can create these parachutes in different sizes, maybe 6 or 7 inches as well as 11 or 12 inches. I might even sell them with snap swivels attached for a small added cost. But let’s see how this initial run goes.

Thanks for looking!


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