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dave carver

....what hump?
Jan 18, 2009
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Finally got a camera, a inexpensive Vivitar digital. Vivitar is a name I know from High School where I was on the yearbook staff as a photographer.

Now, I know I've seen a tutorial on how to post photos but I can't find it:p

Could use a little help there:blush:
I am probably the most computer inept person on this forum but I can post pictures.

Take the pics and plug your camera into your computer.

It should be automatic from there and the pictures will show up.

Save the pics someplace convienient. (some file that's easy to find) I put them on my desktop first.

Open them in a viewing program (I use "Paint")

Go to the "Stretch/Skew" pull down and size the pic, then save it as a jpeg (smaller fille size).

Then post something about the pic. Go down to "Manage Attachment", click on "Browse", find the pice and click on "Upload".

When the pic has uploaded yer done!

Click on "Submit Reply".

Bob's yer uncle.