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Mar 26, 2004
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So today we were throwing our parachute man up in the air and that got boring after awhile so off the deck it went then off the roof. After awhile Devon asked me if we could load it into a rocket and blast it up (Now why didn't I think of that)
K so the Big Bertha is the only rocket that I can stuff something this big in so we say bye, bye to the parachute guy and it's off to the launch pad.
Up he goes and at ejection he gets tangled in the nose cone and now we have a rocket stuck in the air with two chutes. Man that sucks as it took forever to come down.
Next flight I put parachute man below the rockets chute instead of above it and the same thing happens This time the rocket drifted on two chutes for a very long time and it got caught in a tree the next field over. We retrieved the rocket with the help of the fishing rod so everything is ok.
Anyways what can I do differently the next time to stop parachute guy from getting caught up in the main chute? The only thing I can think of is sticking him in the middle of the dog barf.
Oh yeah this isn't the little parachute man that we all had as kids this is the really big one.

Maybe you could try wrapping him in a few sheets of Estes wadding to keep him separate from the rocket's chute...
This is mad enough, it might work. I might have to try this myself, just to test this out.....

One possible reason for the chutes tangling is the fact that they are deploying at the same time, and all that flapping about is geting them caught up in each other.

How about folding the rocket's chute around the prep-ed parachute man. Therefore the parachute man's chute won't start deploying, until the rocket's chute has deployed.
i tried this same expiriment myself, i've found that the best way to get them to deploy is to pack the parachute guys parachute first then stuff him to the bottom then put a sheet of wadding then pack the main chute. tons of fun i should try that again this weekend:D
Great advice guys! Thanks! Can't wait to see parachute dude pop his chute that high up!

Estes used to make a kit called the Bail-Out for this very purpose. It was BT-60 sized to allow a standard Gi-Joe figure to fit and included a special harness and 24 inch chute for the figure.

You packed the booster parachute first, then inserted the action figure and parachute then attached the nose cone that recovered by itself on it's own streamer.

I have one and it is a lot of fun to fly. Unfortunately, Estes discontinued this one back in the mid 90's I believe but sometimes you can still find them in hobby shops and I have seen a lot of them on ROL.
Hey Steve

Sorry, I don't have a pic of it but there is a good review on it on EMRR with a few pics under the OOP section.

I think in order to keep your parachute man from tangling up in your shock cord, you'll have to put a streamer on your nose cone and have it recover by itself and the drift on that alone is very minimal to non-existant. It generally drops straight down.

Hope this helps.