NOVAAR Launch Saturday 9am-4pm

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Oct 8, 2002
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I'll be there with a selection of FlisKits kits, Semroc kits, and Estes and Aerotech motors.

Performance Hobbies will be there too, but if I have something you're looking for buy from me, not him! :D (even though he will have the equivalent of a store in his truck, hehe)

I'll be wearning a green ATCSCC basball cap and be there probably between 10-2.
I'll be there!Still have some new stuff to fly that I didn't get to at Battlepark.I'll be lookin' for a motor or two and perhaps a new kit.Haven't picked up a new kit in a long while except the Baby Berthas I am using for the Goony converts.See ya' there!
If there's something particular you're looking for shoot me a PM so I can be sure to bring it. Check my site for availability, if it will let you put it in the cart then I have it.
Here are some pics from the launch.

First, my Tres on its maiden voyage (sorry its a bit out of focus :rolleyes: ) with 3 C6-5's. Had to hoof it to chase that one down!
My Deadstone (Spitfire) igniting. I think Maelstrom has a better pic of it going to appear on his VFR sight. A remarkably good flyer!
Somebody's Orbital Transport. Hope its okay. They launched it on a B6-4 and it ejected about 5 feet off the ground.
Somebody's Triskelion. Lot's of Cub Scouts with Triskelions there today. All very nice flights!
Somebody's LOV IV going up...loudly. G64 if I remember right.
My own 2-engine cluster design: Bubba. Flies beautifully arrow straight every single time on C6's.
...and my Dr. Zooch Saturn I Block 2 SA-6. Flew very nicely on a B6-4.

That's it for the pics. Didn't get to fly my Arcie II due to the winds (tried launching my Ecee and it did a loop off the pad that nearly snagged a few hair pieces...figured not a good day for gliders). One casualty: Flew my FlisKits Nomad on D12-0/B6-0/B6-6. Bye Bye!!! Saw a puff at ejection. That was it. Nobody saw it come down. Not real sure, but it might have made orbit.
You got some good shots. I had intended to get more than what I got but I think I spent too much time talking instead of shooting. :(

Anyhow, I got a few decent shots. I think the angles on your Deadstone was was throwing off my focus, that one came out a little blurry.