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Nov 11, 2019
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I am setting up my 2nd dual-deploy rocket in just about 20 years and have a lot of questions since I'm doing this one quite differently from the first... and because I no longer remember just how I did the 1st one all those years ago (that's what old age does for you)! 😂

I have looked through this section of the forum and did not find specific answers to my questions, so I decided to start a new thread. Please bear with me if this has already been discussed, but I simply didn't find it in my search! So here goes...

First, a bit of background info: My first MPR dual-deploy all those years ago was an AeroTech ARCAS. I flew it twice as designed (single-deploy) and didn't like the drift, so did the conversion and flew it once more. I know I didn't use Nomex chute protectors once the conversion was done, and think I resorted to dog barf... but it's been too many years to remember just what I did! This time around I built another AeroTech ARCAS (because it's the perfect size for me, and I love the looks), only this time I converted to dual-deploy from the start, using the Apogee ebay kit for 2.64" rockets, an RRC3 altimeter, RocketJunkies anodized aluminum charge cups, etc. My main chute is the 30" nylon "sport chute" that came with the kit, and the drogue is a 12" nylon model I ordered along with the other stuff. I also bought two appropriately sized Nomex chute protectors to take care of the laundry when the big bang happens!

I have my chutes attached to their respective shock cords (using snap swivels) approximately 12" from the payload bulkhead (for the drogue), and 12" from the nosecone for the main. My question is just where to attach the Nomex chute protectors; i.e., how far away from the chute attachment point, and how much leader (length in inches) for each one? Pictures of your successful setups would be even better than numbers!

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 23, 2015
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Draper, UT
Just make sure the chute protector can't slide up the shroud lines of your chute, reefing it. I had it happen once, and now I clip the Nomex protector to the quick link that attaches the chute to the harness. It can't slide up or down from there.

Another point, I've found it more useful to put a swivel between the rocket body and the harness than the parachute and the harness. None of my parachutes show any tendency to spin while coming down, but the fins on the body can cause it to spin like crazy, especially before the chute release opens. Maybe my wife just sews up perfect parachutes!

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