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Jul 18, 2012
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I am looking for a programable remote control for my A/V system.
I have HK Take Control that is starting to die. I like the idea of a computer interface. I can't spend over $150.00, and want to spend less than that if possible. I need macros for TV/Amp/DVD/VCR. Any of you guys using something you like?
Perhaps RS has one? I know they had this LCD keypad or something remote, might have been programmable.
I got a Harmony H659 remote. It connects via USB to the computer and links to a web site. You tell the wizard on the site the model numbers of your components and how they are connected. The site downloads files to your remote and everything is done. One button sets up each activity, like "watch TV", "watch DVD", etc. The remote automatically switches everything on and off and selects the proper input channel for the TV and receiver.

It took perhaps twenty minutes from the time I opened the box until the time I was using the remote. Good so far.
I have two

Both are made by Philips

One is the Pronto (I have the TSU1000)

The other is the Neo.

The Pronto is far more versatile (and yes expensive)

Both are learning remotes with LCD touchscreens and are programmed via the PC.

You can learn more at

these things are often available at deep discount via eBay

I went to years ago to learn about my HK Take Control, and that site helped me choose the Harmony. I did consider the Phillips products, but I got the Harmony for $109 +shipping. I also am partial to hard buttons, rather than touch screens.

My seven year old son picked it up and without promting, was able to turn on the TV, change channels, then set up the VCR and DVD, then go back to the TV, WITHOUT HELP. :cool: All this after maybe 15 minutes of "programming." The Phillips products are probably more advanced than I need, and after setting up the macros on the HK, I was glad to be able to forgo that step. The Harmony software does it all for you, and then it can be customized to preference.

Perversely, I was kind of disappointed that it didn't take more fiddling around with to get working. Kind of an anticlimax. :confused: :)
That is a great site for replacing a remote for a single component, but I wanted one remote to do everything, and do it with one button. To watch my TV, I have to turn on the TV and the (amplifier) receiver. To watch the VCR, the TV must be set to the right input channel, and the receiver changed to the right input source. Then everything has to be returned to the previous condition when you want to go back to watching TV. That is a lot of button pushing, unless you have a remote that can do macros or a programmed series of commands with one touch. The wife and kids could never get the hang of all the different settings on all the different devices for each activity, then retruning them to "normal" for plain old TV watching. I got tired of calls at work, etc. asking how to reset the home theater. Now, they just push a plainly labeled button, and its all good.
Originally posted by rbeckey
My seven year old son picked it up and without promting, was able to turn on the TV, change channels, then set up the VCR and DVD, then go back to the TV, WITHOUT HELP. :cool:

Which means he's the typical 7-year-old. ;)

Tell, the truth- you had him reset the VCR clock for day light savings last weekend,
didn't you??

LOL! :)
Nah, my VCR has enough brains to reset itself. The digital alarm clock, though, is another story...