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Jan 18, 2009
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The following information is located on the NAR Homepage at this link

I am announcing it here for all incase you do not get the NAR electronic newsletter where it is announced to the membership. You certainly may open up discussions on these proposals in this or numerous other electronic websites, forums, etc. In order for your comment to be published in the next e-letter for all to see, you must send it to me in e-mail or hard copy. The details are at the end of this announcement.


RCP Process 2009-2010
Rules Revision Process 2009-2010
The RCP process for changing rules in the NAR Sporting Code a.k.a. “The Pink Book” is defined in the sporting code under section “F” of the appendix. The process can be reviewed online at if you do not have a hard copy of the pink book. The cycle for proposed changes now runs on a one year cycle. The following timeline will complete the current cycle. Ten proposals were received prior to the deadline of June 30, 2009.
Take the time to read the proposals carefully. I also recommend that you discuss the proposals with fellow contest flyers for the pros and cons of the proposals. Some clubs even have discussion at business meetings to allow for opinions to be shared amongst members.
Every member of the NAR has the opportunity to make an official comment on the proposals up for consideration. My preference is for you to forward your comments to me via e-mail, at [email protected] or you can forward them hard copy to my home address at:
Jim Filler
NAR Rules Revision Chair
6715 B Overton Circle # 13
Frederick, Md. 21703
You must include your name and NAR# with your comments. I must receive your comments by March 15, 2010. Try to be concise and brief with your comments. Once I have received all comments, they will be published here online for all to see. Details for an upcoming ballot for you to vote will be communicated at some point later. When the proposals are voted on, they will require a 66% vote for the proposal to be passed and become a part of the pink book effective for the new contest year July1, 2010, but they will have no bearing on NARAM-52. I would like to remind everyone that the opportunity for you to submit a RCP is as simple as writing up your idea or submitting it online at the link you can find at: