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but there was another one where the martains were underneath the sand dunes...

was that where everyone went blind at the end watching the light show in the sky?

Sci-Fi overload...
Perhaps you mean Day of the Triffids? ;)

Most people were blinded by looking at the meteor shower at the start of the movie, thus making them easy prey for the triffids.

The movie, and later BBC mini-series, were based on the book of the same name by John Wyndham.

I believe the one with the Martians under the sand was Invaders From Mars, made in 1953 and remade in 1986.

More Martians invaded in meteorites in the classic The War of the Worlds, based on H.G.Wells' book.

Back to rockets: I remember reading some years ago an article on the newsgroup rec.models.rockets from someone who had made "meteors". One "meteor" consisted of a coin cell, a bright LED and a streamer. A whole bunch of them ejected from a rocket made a "meteor shower". :)