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Night Tripper

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Jan 19, 2009
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Has anybody received their May/June issue of Sport Rocketry yet? Mine has not arrived.

Just wonderin'...

Got mine late last week. Guess it's time I be first for a change.....:y:
Got mine too, I wasn't expecting to get this issue since I just joined.
Last week here.

But I have to admit, I paid for the upgrade to first class shipping. I spent a couple years getting mine about a month after everyone else.
I got mine late last week, but I too get it first class mail. Though sometimes, some club members here get theirs the same time as I do, and sometimes not.

Magazines move in mysterious ways at times in the US Postal system. It is not as "sort of consistent" as happens with 1st class mail.

If you do not get yours by June 15th, then I'd say it's "Missing". Until then, it's likely working its way thru the US Mail system. Your copy is not really even "late" yet.....

- George Gassaway
I got mine last week as well..Nice article on igniting BIG clusters by our resident cluster hound Boris! :D