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Would you mind if I cross-posted this at Rec.Models.Rockets? It could use some news that the worrld of rockets is not coming to an end.
great read, great coverage.

This sort of thing is going on all over the country. We should all make a point of identifying such articles (or generating them!) and getting them posted. Perhaps even have a link list of such articles.
Makes me want to go talk to my kids school and ask them to let me start a club for the kids.
Sounds like very rewarding FUN!

I was thrilled to to see that the article on our club was on TRF.

You may not have been able to tell from the article but the launch followed a storytime presentation on rocketry that our group gave at the adjacent library.

We launch for a couple of reasons:
  • Launching in (in general) allows our seniors (4th - 6th grade) to gain the "hands on" experience that they need
  • Launching (in public) allows our seniors to gain needed positive reinforcement and shows them just how unique this opportunity is.
  • The presentations are vitally important in creating a market for education rocketry in our community.
  • These launches allow us to - firsthand - counter the negative image of the sport created by DHS / SBC etc....

It really is a win-win.

If I could provide any unsolicited advice to someone going into a school it would be this:

1. Start small. Limit the #of kids to 8-10.
2. Target for 6-8 meetings.
3. Mix the science with a schoolyard demo each week
4. Build from a range of 3-4 simple kits.
5. Find a good field for the final big launch and invite everyone in the school and community. You will be amazed at how amazed everyone else is!
6. Email people who have done it before - they will love to help!

This recent launch would not have been half as good if I hadn't had the benefit of the knowledge, input and help that is available here on TRF. For months I have searched, surfed, listened, asked, replied and learned things that I would have otherwise had to learn by trial and error.

Without even being aware of it everyone here on TRF helped (5) kids and a stressed out coordinator pull off a great launch last week

Thank you!

Matt Costabile
Coordinator - Cordley Elementary Rocket Club
I just might have to approach the school and see how they react. I'm not sure how they feel about somone that isn't a teacher there doing a club. Maybe they would let me "assist" a teacher there if I could find one interested.

On the other hand, I have some background credentials that should put their mind at ease. Plus we are seen around the school quite a bit since we drive the kids and we attend functions regularly.

Doesn't hurt to ask. I guess the worst that could happen is they say no.:rolleyes:

Stay tuned, I may have questions for you that do this.
We should all make a point of identifying such articles (or generating them!) and getting them posted. Perhaps even have a link list of such articles.

Our local weekly newspaper/magazine did a nice write-up on the October 2003 Tripoli Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Space Command launch. The article is at

It probably didn't hurt that the author/photographer is the husband of one of my co-workers.