Got a December launch in!

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Jun 23, 2004
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Using Solomons new web server:

Had a great weekend! 3 beautiful days. First time launching at Clinton park, it had plenty of room for any rocket!

First up: Baby Bertha on a B6-4:

Almost got the whole rocket in!:

Good recovery:

Next, the maiden flight of my Ion Pulsar on an A8-3:

Great launch, low altitude:

Next was the Skybird on a C6-5!

What a cooker!

Awsome height:

Boy recovered with a few parachute lines burnt together!:

Next was the Purple Razor!

Launched on a C6-5!:

Hangtime is awesome on a C! - I had 5 shots comin' down! :

Next was my Ion Pulsar again on a B6-4. Countdown: 5-4-3-2-1-BOOOOM! Rocket exploded right at ignition!:

Rocket fell over on the stand. Parachute ripped off the lines. Apparently no damage to the rocket!:eek: It shot up and down, but saved the rocket. This was a B engine bought this year at Wally world?:

Did not get to fly my Super Nove Payloader (that has never flown) because of the stupid Testors plastic cement I used, it simply let go - the 2 body tubes litterally fell apart. I will use CA from now on - lesson learnt! Will put CA in range box too!

Thanks Solomon for the space/bandwidth!

Looks like great weather back there! Congrats! I miss seeing Weber and Ogden canyons in the fall.

Now you've given me the motiviation to get out and attempt a launch. Guess I'll have to use my Swifts - too cold for parachutes this time of year.

Great photos, I'm assuming those are the wasatch mts. Looks like a 50's Hollywood western backdrop. I'm real fond of the Razor AND the Ion Pulsar. Too bad about the launch pad explosion but at least the dowel pods stayed on!

You know, I used to live at Elmondorf in 69-72. I was quite young then, but it was my favorite place I have ever lived!

We have quite a bit in common I believe!

And it was unseasonally warm last weekend. We're due for colder weather (highs 40*) this week.:(
Great photos, I'm assuming those are the wasatch mts.

Yes, those are the Wasatch front mountain range right in front of Ogden. Weber canyon is on the far right of the pictures.

I AM having better timing on my launches! It's taken a number to get it right, but basically I have the camera focused with the button half way down on the camera, then when I hear the engine start, I snap the pic. A burst mode would be awesome!
Yes, half my family is back there scattered throughout the Ogden/Layton area. As a young child I lived in Layton, Syracuse, and Clearfield. Moved to the San Francisco/Oakland area through school but, having my father's flight benefits, we were always going back to Layton several times a year. Then in the '80s got stationed back there with the Air Force. So I know the area very well - it's like a second home. Even went to Utah and Weber State for classes.

Anchorage has changed a lot since you've lived up here. In the city, we've got three two Walmarts, four Fred Meyers, TGIF, Red Robin, Applebees, Chilis, two Lowes, etc. But, it's never lost that small city feel - as people still smile and say hello on the streets.
Very nice pics! Looks like you guys had a fun time, even with your "almost CATO" with the Ion Pulsar.