Get a Trian Set.....the old rocketry version of "If you can't stand the heat....."

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Who remembers these? I had 2 motorcycles, the funny car, and the dragster!

Still have my old one, red tape repair and all. When the old dudes come over and see it they always want to get it out and play with it. You can take the toy from the boy but never take toy out of the boy! Best toy ever! Evel himself claimed to have single handedly saved the toy industry.
Both the rocket and toy pictured above are NOT dangerous. Kid tested, mother approved. No naughty boys allowed!

You did not receive coded instructions from London on your Radio Shack walkie talkie to blow up the model rail bridge with an M80 when the National Socialist train passed over it!

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How much for a caboose? Could be an interesting retro tiny house. Or were those all gone 30-40 years ago, like the Jeeps in crates full of Cosmoline?
They can be had for $2,000 and up but shipping can be $10,000 (by truck).
$30k will easily buy a used locomotive at auction. If you can do some of the restoration, you can get them for much less.

Storage is a bit of a problem for most people.

Shipping can be an issue too. FedEx? I'd like to get a shipping quote....
Or, I don't know.... When some - expletive deleted - dispatcher isn't paying attention and allows a train into you working limits, and you are in a narrow canyon.... on single track,.... well that was pretty 'heart stopping!' 🤬

As to "Prototype Operation": Folks! If you like trains that much, get a job playing with the real ones! Not a bad career, and it gives one the money to play with Rockets!...;)
I did the signalling software and was systems analyst for the computer system that runs our trains here in Melbourne for about six years. Biggest train set I have ever played with :) .

When working on signalling systems sometimes we would walk the yard, looking at various features. Flinders Street rail yards were 37 roads wide. Seriously scary, walking around and having trains possibly sneak up on you. Ladder tracks didn't help the situation, so trains could rapidly cross over many roads and be on you before you knew it. Had to be really on the ball on those inspections.

I blame all of this on Y'all. It looks like fun, but I would be a bit more attentive, and wear a brain bucket. RIP Jim Stobe The Hobo.

The Katy is the K&T Line. Went from Kansas to Katy, Texas. (Katy, TX is named after The Katy.) Houston has the Katy Freeway, which used to be the right-of-way for The Katy.

I used to listen to this version all the time. Pretty much had it memorized.

Portland does a "Garden Railroad Tour" sometime in June.
Fun event if you are into trains - they sell you the map - you drive around and check out people's back yards.
Really gets the juices flowing...............which are then inhibited by the reality of time and money.
Maybe when I can no longer drive myself to rocket launches and I'll be confined to my back yard.