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Probably wait a week so, but last years compost is looking good.

The new grass is comming fine however.
moved to a town house with very little garden about 2 years ago, so apart from a smallish boarder out the front, my gardening days are over.
but the 2 and 4 year old children have brought home broard beans in small pots, which have been transplanted into a large container so they can watch them grow and hopefully eat some of the produce.
I miss having a lawn:(, but i don't miss cutting grass at the weekend:D
Planted some potatoes yesterday, and some peas, lettuce, broccoli, and Swiss chard a few weeks ago, but the weather isn't cooperating.:( winter made a come back and its angry!
My Hop plants will go in the ground next weekend or the week after. they are currently growing in pots and about two feet long.
I have very little space that gets any amount sun, so I have given up on other gardening. i used to get great tomatos at the old house.
Got a fresh start on my strawberries this year. The others had gotten out of control with weeds and were starting to slow down after several years of production. Put in 40 new sets yesterday. Won't get any berries to speak of this year. Put down rolls of weedblock this time.

Also planted some carrots and green beans yesterday. Have several varieties of tomatoes and peppers which I started from seed back in March. They are about ready to be put in the ground, but I'll have to wait another couple weeks on those to be sure there's no danger of frost. Plus, they still need to be hardened off(have time outdoors before planting). Might plant some corn at that time, not sure yet.
Oh, yeah! As usual, I'm late for this area, but I got some heirloom tomatoes planted (from seedlings), bush beans, pole beans, corn, beets, radishes, onions, spinach. The springtime run of picking asparagus is over - good while it lasted. Need to get some summer squash started.
The big gardening project this year was rebuilding the raised bed box for the boysenberries. Changed from 6" deep to 12" and added lots of manure to amend the soil. Got that done in February before the canes came out of dormancy. Blossoms on them now, so must have done something right.
Apple and citrus trees are in bloom. It's a great time to be outdoors.
My wife is hacked off because we can't start yet. Actually we can but we have to relocate the garden to an entirely new part of the yard as the church is building a new garage (this is good) that will probably be on top of our existing garden (this is not so good). It's lots of work to start over.
As a side note, please do be careful with machinery.

A neighbour was seriously hurt by a tiller a week ago. This by those tillers with the tines at the back of the machine ( in front of the operator and not in front of the machine). This is the second time I have seen this type of machine hurt someone. So I won't go near them.
I took Friday off in advance of the NSL to till the garden and get it planted.

Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, zucchini, and heirloom tomatoes. We're not terribly fancy here. . .
That is awesome. For the first time ever I've planted food, radishes and corn.
After 25 days we are eating very HOT radishes, and the corn is over 3 ft. tall.
I think growing food maybe as addicting as building rockets.
I hope not. When will I have time for work?
Got some tomatoes in the ground just yesterday. Not too much room, so I only picked up a yellow and red variety. Also planted some dill yesterday. I have had zucchini and bell peppers planted in a while. I started late and sowed in romaine lettuce seeds along with watermelon last week. Strawberries are tasting great too!
Oh my, with me getting like 14" of rain in two weeks, my tomatoes have really begun piling in, and I still cannot believe how quickly the squash are popping up! I mean, on Monday you see a little bud and on Saturday it is fully grown and fat!! :eyepop:

Problem with all the water is that it must have driven the rats out and they are eating too many I gotta pick em green (Mom likes em that way) before they get chewed up.

The corn was a colossal flop, only four kernels germinated out of a whole stinkin PACK, and not the cheap kind either!! Oh well, I hate that pretty much as much as the tomatoes and squash.

Yeah, I only grow em cause its fun, productive, and everyone else but myself eats em..........:bangpan:
Got lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and banana peppers in one section. Parsley, oregano, bouquet and fern leaf dill, sweet basil, and the rosemary bush in the herb garden.

Battling the rabbits right now. They absolutely love the tender seedlings and will stop at nothing to get them. :bangpan:

They're eating the wife's flowers, too. It used to be, "Awwwwwwe look at the cute baby bunny!" Now it's "Grumble grumble [expletive] rabbits eating my flowers..." We've already started taking notes on which flowers will have to be in hanging baskets next year because the rabbits will eat them down to the ground level within 12 hours of planting!

Late transplanted tulips are jumping out of the ground, got about a 50% survival rate on the daffodil bulbs. Begonias are doing well in their pots (so we can bring them in over the winter). Need to throw the rest of the tulip and daffodil bulbs in the ground along with the gladiolus we just got.

Anybody want some hostas? I feel like I'm trapped in that old movie "The Blob". They're everywhere and getting bigger!!!!
I went to the produce section at the supermarket on Friday and got some really neat stuff.

Does that count?
uhm, nope. Do the tomatoes still taste like cardboard? Does anything you buy have a smell or fragrance?

....Battling the rabbits right now....
Bake in the oven.
Bake in the oven.

I prefer stewed with carrots and green beans... there's a certain irony to that :dark: Honestly I wouldn't eat a city rabbit because of all the lawn chemicals they are constantly in contact with, but the thought had crossed my mind.

Try coyote pee.
A drop or two at the end of each row kept the furry little buggers out of my green beans last year.

I assume there is some commercial source for this substance... :cyclops: Running around behind a coyote with a specimen cup sounds tiring. :D

I'll check the gardening shops.

My local garden center carries both fox and coyote.

Just be careful- that stuff is POTENT!

BTW. a 10cc syringe of that stuff would smell great on the radiator of the truck that ran over your rocket!:D.
Lost part of the battle with the rabbits here last month. I eliminated one a day the week before I went on vacation last month :bangbang:, but when I got home a week and a half later, all of my green bean plants had been eaten to the stem. :mad: That was even with bird netting over them (to keep the birds from eating the fresh sprouts - last year's problem). The rabbits got under the netting and cleaned me out. I'm so irked, I haven't gotten around to replanting. At least they don't seem to like asparagus, which is good, since it is the most valuable crop in my garden.
My local garden center carries both fox and coyote.

Just be careful- that stuff is POTENT!

BTW. a 10cc syringe of that stuff would smell great on the radiator of the truck that ran over your rocket!:D.

Oooooo you ARE evil! :roll:

Mrs Starlight is our gardener. Half of what she had last year but still a bunch of stuff. onions, green peppers tomatos peas ect.
Mr Bob
Starlight dude
I have three avocado pits germinating in my back window, soaking up the warm FL sun. One has a shoot about an inch long, two good roots, and will be ready to plant in about 3 weeks.

I've been thinking about putting a planter together, but there's not a lot of room in our backyard after a palm tree, two small purple trees (no idea what they are) and a bigger tree that is almost hedge-like in it's density.

I'm thinking about maybe putting up a 8'x8' planter. That would be a fun little project.

Chicken wire keeps the rabbits out of stuff in our yard--they like to nibble on the roses. I moved the strawberries back into the strawberry jar last March and planted a 20 ft row of sunflower plants behind the rose garden in May. A few strawberries turned red yesterday.
With all the rain the garden, and the weeds are doing fine. Last few days of high heat have also helped.

But I can't wait for the tomatoes anymore :mad: Ran out of tomatoe sauce and my wife had to start buying the canned stuff. Just doesn't taste right.
I have a family of voles in one of my raised beds. They are multiplying faster than the rat trap can catch them! Any ideas????:dark::dark::dark:

In the main garden so far:
165+ tomato plants
150 sweet peppers
85 eggplant
75 hot peppers
100+ okra
24 cabbage
60 zucchini
30 yellow squash

If it dries out enough to till I'll finally get my green beans out this weekend!
But I can't wait for the tomatoes anymore :mad: Ran out of tomatoe sauce and my wife had to start buying the canned stuff. Just doesn't taste right.

I feel your pain. :p We just ran out of all the homemade jam the kids made for the fair last year.

My garden is almost all shaded in so it's now a site for digging in the dirt and having campfires. There's also a row of tin cans on sticks that have been primed by one of my kids, who must have a paint plan for them. The one thing I still growing was rhubarb and it looked sick this year (of course, when I finally had it established and producing larger stalks). It stumped even the master gardeners at the extension office but they did some digging around and decided it has a mosaic my one remaining plant has to be dug out. Sigh...
I have a family of voles in one of my raised beds. They are multiplying faster than the rat trap can catch them! Any ideas????:dark::dark::dark:

Try this publication on voles.

I'm not sure if the Rozol rodenticide is still available or if it is labeled for use around vegetables, but I have heard success stories if used correctly (putting the pellets in active tunnels). It is regularly used in commercial orchards. If family or neighborhood pets have access to the garden area, I would definitely not use this product. This product is designed to be toxic to mammals.