G class redlines certified!!

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Jan 25, 2009
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The day we have been long awaiting, the new G77R (29-120)
and G67R (38-120) are certified!

see www.aerotech-rocketry.com for more info

This is sweet, I can't wait to order a few of these and some cases for them:D
I will be grabbing some in the spring also. Very good news indeed.
Does anyone have or know where to get the .eng file for the new G77R and G67R reloads Aerotech recently released. I've looked for them on the AT, NAR, TRA, CAR, EMRR and Thrustcurve.com sites but I haven't found anything.


Good, NOW I have a reason for getting a 29/120 :D

I already have the closures.
So far nobody who I've called knows when they will be available in the sales channel. If anybody finds a source, please post it.

Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
Good, NOW I have a reason for getting a 29/120 :D

I already have the closures.

i got a 29/120 at LDRS, now i have a reason to get the 38/120 :)
I used one (G67) in my Art Applewhite 38mm original saucer yesterday. :D :D
the 38/120 case fits in there perfect, nothing sticking out the top. lots of people were surprised to see that red flame coming out of that short little saucer. ;)
GREAT flight, i'm going to design a couple more rockets around that motor!
gotta try the 29mm. :)

here's a pic of the saucer on the pad, there is an 8" saucer next to it with a 29mm G64: