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May 16, 2020
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Doerun, GA
Launch report for today. A couple of us S. GA rocketeers... does that make us SGARs? If so, this is our 2nd annual SGAR Launch. Anyway, @gltruett & I got together today to launch a few on a beautiful afternoon.

George asked if I wanted to fly today. I wasn't sure what I had ready to fly, but chasing any rockets on a sunny day makes it a great one.

We set up prep area/range head in the shade:


George brought a bucket full of rockets and motors, and a few that wouldn't fit in the bucket. His rockets are always finished very nicely, a pleasure to look at.


I brought out my Der Red Max and Aerotech Barracuda, and grabbed a box or two of motors to see what might work out.

First up was George's PML Small Endeavor:

Small Endeavor.jpg

It went up quickly on a punchy G-motor. Great flight, and it came down close by in the field directly in front of us.

PML Small Endeavor G-motor.jpg


A great start to the day!

Okay, that juiced me up a little. Better start looking for a motor.

Next up, George's 29mm clone Crown rocket clone. Did I remember that right? It's beautiful of course, and I don't remember what motor it went up on, other than it was a 24mm.

But it was a great flight, very high.


It came down on a streamer in the same area as the Small Endeavor. Nice.

Obviously, my Red Max is on deck, on an E26 Q-jet. Classic brief chuff/sputter and bam!

Der Red Max on E26.jpg

It floated for quite a while, and came down over the little ridge out there, but not as far as the pond.
A long walk around the ditch for that one, which was saved for later in the day, after shutting down.

Next, my Barracuda on an F50. Flight was gut-simmed only, and about 8 second delay felt right. This was my first CTI motor, so I had a couple of questions before calling it ready.

Barracuda F50-8.jpg

Another great flight, and it came down a few feet past the ditch right in front of us.

Short walk. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Barracuda retrieval.jpg

And last up was George's scaled down Eagle Claw 114. Beautiful, of course.

Eagle Claw114.jpg

Going up nice and high on CTI E22-8 Smokey:

Eagle Claw 114 E22 Smokey.jpg

Long time on the 'chute, but it got the "closest to the pad" award:

Eagle Claw 114 down.jpg

That was a good way to end the day, rather than pushing our luck.

Post-flight revealed the CTI 24mm 1G case had been kicked, and that probably explained the slower than expected descent.

I found the case later in the afternoon at the edge of the yard. So there were no casualties!

A lot of old rocket talk and old stories made it a great day, even without the flights.

And George came bearing gifts. One of them was a 29mm nose cone he molded from foam! You wouldn't know it was foam, it's hard and felt about the same as
the fiberglass cones made in the same mold. Nice work! I don't have to tell y'all how hard it is to find 29mm nose cones. I can't wait to get this in OpenRocket and work up a design for it.

And he also handed over a Basic Blues 3 rocket from ARR! Hot dog!!! Glassed and assembled, ready to complete the AV bay internals and finish as I please. Whatapal!!!

Thanks for a great afternoon and the goodies, my friend! We must do it again!
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How fun! What's great day. My favorite, Eagle Claw. And the Zildjian blast deflector.
Wow !

I just now found your launch report, Tim.

Congrats to you and George on a beautiful day !

You are definitely in the running for the prize for the best front yard rocket range :)

EDIT: George's nose cones are beautiful !

-- kjh