finally... I GOT MY FLEET PICS!!!!

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Jan 25, 2004
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i finally got my dad camera to take some pictures of our fleet!! first up... the deuce's wild! ya thats me
next is our rocket rack up on our garage wall... from top to bottom

PML Quasar
29 MM Estes Executioner
PML Callisto
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very cool, and a great collection! I love the lettering on the Deuce :)

Now you have to see about getting some launch and recovery pix!

The Black Brant is LOVELY!

I've always been a sucker for the whole Black Brant line-up of rockets.

I like the paint job on the Deuce. Of course, it looks even better in the air! Looks like you will need a bigger rack since the one you have is full!
Originally posted by karatekicker271
well if we get a bigger rack we will need more rockets to fill it up.

no, duh...

Then you'll need *another* rack, cuz you'll overbuild again and run out of room, which means you will need even *more* rockets, and THEN....

well, you get the idea... :D

Welcome to the club! :p
wow the finish on all those rockets is amazing, I love the Deuce and the Black Brant.

By the way that first rocket on the rack, thats an SA-14 Archer. Very cool rocket, hold onto it.