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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
My twin brother George is visiting from Cincinnati, and he decided to build a few model rocket kits. This is something he has not done since High School. His "few" model rockets ended up being Eleven by the time he made it to my house, with a stop to Hobbytown he bought 3 more kits, and then I gave him a mini Hojo... and then Last night we went to Hobby Lobby where he bought two more rockets...

Today after supper we shot off a few rockets at my schools playground. I got off 4 rockets before it got to dark. First up was my Epic II with a A3-0T staged to an A3-6T. Second was my Checkmate also with an A3-0T staged to a A3-6T. It took off when we were not expecting it to so we lost sight of it and it was not recovered. I am hoping maybe it will be found in the morning. My third flight was my Custom Viper with three B4-6FJ Q-jet motors. My final flight was my Estes Executioner with an E25-4W Q-jet. Didn't get a video of it because the guy taking the video forgot to start recording.

My brother launched a lot more rockets, I am going to try and remember everything he flew. He flew his Bandit fleet, Crossfire, Der Red Max, Tigres, Long Ranger, Red Nova, and Mongoose. He attempted to launch his Explorer Aquarius but he had igniter issues and it was getting to dark to recycle so we decided to pack it up. We may try launching again on Thursday or Friday weather permitting.


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