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Nov 16, 2015
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I have one of these and it's fun for fields where it's too small for most rockets; it's also a nice way to enjoy some free launches as there's no motor.

Sometimes it doesn't work, though, and I'm a little confounded. I don't want to take it apart to see how it works because there are glued parts that wouldn't go back together, so if someone knows about this and can steer me in the right way:

Sometimes it doesn't launch. I'll pump it, press the launch button, and...nothing. Then a brief pause, a half-hearted whoosh of air, and the rocket slides up about 6 inches.

I've tried launching with the rocket high on the pole, with it low on the pole.
I've tried reconnecting everything. I've tried pumping less and I've tried pumping more.

The problem happens sometimes and nothing I do seems to affect it -- I'll reconnect all the hoses and it won't work, then after two tries it will... for six launches. Then nothing for two launches. Then a great launch. Then nothing for five launches. I'm sure there's something I'm missing....

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