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Found Estes Mongoose decal

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Feb 8, 2022
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I finally opened my early version (1994-2005) Estes Mongoose, and was disappointed to find not only the tube was smashed, but also the stick-on decal had stuck onto the instruction sheet. How that could happen in an unopened kit beats me.

The tube was easy enough to replace; in fact, I had acquired the exact yellow tube needed, which was fortunately the correct length and not smashed.

But I need the decal and have not found a source for a replacement.

Anyone got one? Willing to pay or trade for some other decal.

estes-mongoose 2092-2004 cat livery.jpg
They are now in purple tubes today and I never put a decal on one of them. I don't thing a decal on a purple Mongoose is going to be purple like the one on your yellow rocket.