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KLOUDBusters Chief Logistician
TRF Supporter
Jan 22, 2009
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Wichita, KS
On behalf of KLOUDBusters I would like to publicly thank all the Distant Thunder 2004 flyers/registrants who made our special legal fund donation launch a success well beyond our best expectations.

Fifty-six of our friends registered for Distant Thunder 2004. Included in that total number, several folks sent in their registration without attending the launch, and many others attended the launch and registered despite not even flying high-power. Still others donated extra monies above and beyond the normal launch fees to go directly to the TRA Legal Fund. On top of the great participation, we were treated to an exciting weekend of rocket launches to wrap-up our flying season.

After all the tallying is complete, KLOUDBusters will be writing a check for $750 to the Tripoli Legal Fund! Wow!

Many thanks to all contibutors, especially our vendor participants Giant Leap Rocketry, LOC Precision, Public Missiles Limited, and Science Education Center. The partnership between clubs, vendors, and flyers that we enjoy will go a long way to preserve and protect our hobby.

The prize winners were:

David Lehmann, Luray, KS. From PML, $10 Gift Certificate.
Larry Mills, Oak grove, MO. From PML, $20 Gift Certificate.
Jack Garmen, Lawrence, KS. From PML, Tiny Pterydactyl Kit.
Robert Shultz, Garden City, MI. From Sci. Ed. Ctr., LOC Weasel Kit
Martin Cox, KC, KS. Giant Leap Rocketry, Thunderbolt 38 Kit
Chuck Pauler, Wichita, KS From LOC Precision, Phantom Kit

Thanks again everyone, and we hope to see all these new rockets out flying next spring.

Lance Lickteig
KLOUDBusters Secretary.