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Jan 18, 2009
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For those of you who are building a new club launch controller (or even a new personal controller) you may want to check out this link:

Pactec will send out up to 2 free samples (for your evaluation) of their new products. For club use, the PT-8 and PT-10 models are great (I got one of each recently.... free!! Some of the other models would be good for handheld personal launch control enclosures. Space yourselves out, guys. Don't everybody do it at once...

You didn't mention that they charge you for shipping ?!
'We will contact you soon regarding the shipping charge.'
Here is a cut and paste of that section.

Please submit your free sample form and we will contact you for your shipping information.

There was no shipping charge when I got mine. It did, however, take them a week to get it in to Fedex, then a few days after that to get it.
I ordered two samples and I got my tracking number in one hour. Now thats fast.

I should mention that I (or anybody else I even remotely know) am in no way affiliated with Pactec. I am merely passing on some info that I came across when I needed an enclosure for another project. And it appears that the post immedietely above this shows that a shipping fee is not charged. So sample away....
I got 2 samples from them about 6 wks ago ... no charge,no shipping...very nice product
I got my two samples a few months ago. I filled out the order form and got confirmation via email the next day. I fully expected to never hear more about it. Figured it was a way for them to assemble a mailing list of prospective customers......About 4 days later, the package arrived at the door. 5 stars!
Well the tracking info says it will arrive today. We will see.

The good and the bad.

They did send it right away and I would of gotten it in 2 days but stupid me put my P.O. box address and Fed Ex doesent ship to P.O. boxes so they sent it back before I got do a change of address. Thats Ok, I emailed them and they are going to send it again to my home address on monday.

Cool! I got a reply saying that it's to pricey to send over seas and have I got a FedEx or UPS account . And If I haven't could I please contact their office in the UK and maybe they will send me out the freebies. But I emailed the UK place on Monday and I still haven't had a reply.
Well like I said my samples got returned but I got a reply back from them and they are sending out my new samples to my home address. So far from what I can tell they have great coustomer service.

Mine arrived after about a week via FedEx ground. Had the tracking number within a couple hours of making the request. Look like nice boxes.

Well I just got my shipment. Well my second shipment. Like I said my first one got turned around due to my P.O. Box address. I sent them an email asking to send to my home address but never got a tracking number so I thought they blew me off so i ordered again under my wife's name her work address. well we got both with no tracking numbers. I guess it depends on who is doing them at the time if you get a tracking number or not.

Yo everyone , I have got mine at home waiting for me , but my mom said that theres a letter inside saying something along the lines ' If you are not going to buy , please send back these products ' ?
they are normally sent out free, as a sample of their work to prospective vendors,or end users who may need a larger they may indeed ask for them back after the customer has looked the product over.
they may have recieved alot of home address orders lately and are becoming suspicious.
normally it will be a legit business that orders these samples
I mentioned on my original post to space yourselves out. When I requested mine months ago, under the "type of company" or whatever slot, I put down "hobby rocketry equipment manufacturer". If all of you are doing the same thing, they may be getting a bit suspicious about all the different companies that are planning on making launch controllers....;)


Oh yeah, you're welcome.
Originally posted by JRThro
Mine are supposed to show up on Wednesday. I described my intended use for them as 'remote controller.'

As soon as I saw the post I placed my order. My wife called to tell me that a sales rep showed up at the front door about 10 minutes ago.