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Aug 8, 2023
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hello fellow Rocketeers!

I'm Jake reaching out from Toronto, Canada! (Any other folks around these parts here?)

In my early 30s, and found myself re-discovering my love for engineering - and developing a strong admiration for rocketry. Thank you BPS Space for helping develop this new interest of mine, while making it seem possible!

I'm currently undergoing my first rocket project: Using a Estes Journey Rocket kit, and starting with an A8-3 engine, successfully launch the rocket which will contain a small computer that will gather standard telemetry data and save it to a FRAM chip. The computer is comprised of a Arduino Nano, MPU6050, an adafruit FRAM breakout, and a BME280. Its powered by a single AAA battery wired to a toggle switch and a Step-up voltage regulator. At least at this time, I want to record the rockets orientation, speed, altitude and acceleration, but getting the code right and trying to properly calibrate the sensor before launch is where I'm presently at with the project, and it's definitely no easy task. (check the photo for flight computer example. Note that the screen is just for testing and won't be embedded in the rocket on launch)

I've no prior experience or education other than youtube and some courses learning coding, arduino etc (roughly a year on and off of arduino courses). Regarding rocketry, its really just been my own applications in learning and virtual Joey B as my mentor ( youtube channel). I don't really have a decent road map right now, though I am still pushing forward sort of making it up as I go along. End game would be to make a rocket that can pass the Karman line (lifelong goal of course) but I mean, baby steps first, right?

But yeah, happy to be here, eager to learn and network and chat with fellow enthusiasts. Bonus points if any folks could share any insight to possible roadmaps to future developments etc!


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