new build

  1. TheLearningOne

    New Guy from france

    Hello everyone, I'm a complete beginner, I never launch a rocket before, i never had the opportunity to do it, but since i'm a software engineer now this is really something i want to learn, So in order to start somewhere and since i have a 3d printer, and i want to do everything, i created a...
  2. M

    Level 1 Rocket Plan Advice

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this hobby and this forum. I am looking to build a rocket for my level 1 certification. A little background on me I have an engineering background and I am good with my hands. I have been reading through this forum and google on the characteristics of a good level 1...
  3. Brian-Tampa

    Super DX3 - Finally Finished!

    Finally finished my latest build, Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass. 2 months plus project. Set up for single deployment. Height: 69" Width: 12" Weight: 128 oz dry 4" Air Frame Set up for either 54 or 38mm motors, I lengthened the motor tube to handle longer motors. Also added an extra centering ring...