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  1. ShakyShane99

    Getting back into Rocketry

    Hello when I was a kid I had an uncle that built 100s of rockets, he got me into it along with everything in the hobby world plans, trains, RC, you name it. Anyway i needed something to keep me sane so i ordered a Estes Bull Pup 12D a rocket I had memory of as a 8 year old. I’m 24 now. Anyway I...
  2. RVN7

    Cheers from Toronto!

    Hello fellow Rocketeers! I'm Jake reaching out from Toronto, Canada! (Any other folks around these parts here?) In my early 30s, and found myself re-discovering my love for engineering - and developing a strong admiration for rocketry. Thank you BPS Space for helping develop this new...
  3. J

    Hello From Townsville, Australia!

    Very fresh to rocketry and limited to what I can do due to my location but I look forward to learning more from this forum and sharing my builds. Cheers!
  4. C

    Hello from the UK

    Hi Rocketry Forum, Finally created an account because I need some advice on obtaining pyrodex in the UK. I'm a member of a University Rocketry team but we're very new and small so haven't done as much of the really cool stuff yet. I obtained my L1 last year with an custom, overbuilt...
  5. robbied186

    Hello fellow rocketry peoples!

    Hello everybody. I've been into rocketry since 1998ish. My first kit was an estes Mighty Mites set and that was the gateway for me! I've recently gotten the rocket bug again and from the pictures you can definitely tell. I'm currently around the Okeechobee Florida area closer to Ft Myers...
  6. R3verb

    Bringing back the childhood hobby

    Hey All! My name is Casey Levinger and I'm new around here. I've been doing model rockets on and off since I was like 8 years old and I'm just now really getting back into it as an adult. My 2 year old seems to love rockets and planes and drones so this seemed like a great way to entertain him...
  7. Robsrockettime

    New to the Forum

    Hello... Names Rob, getting the itch to start a new build and get back into rockets. Love doing this during the winter. It's makes for easier recovery at Bong haha. my Level 1 cert flight I believe from a number of years ago. This year going for Level 2 for sure this year. Hoping that goes...
  8. AstroAbaqus

    Happy to join the community!

    Hi to everyone, I think is more than 5 years since I do not write on a forum, probably even more and I am so happy to finally have returned to this much effective way of communication (rather than social media ). I am writing and launching from Scotland UK, however, I am an adopted Scotsman...