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  1. R3verb

    Bringing back the childhood hobby

    Hey All! My name is Casey Levinger and I'm new around here. I've been doing model rockets on and off since I was like 8 years old and I'm just now really getting back into it as an adult. My 2 year old seems to love rockets and planes and drones so this seemed like a great way to entertain him...
  2. Robsrockettime

    New to the Forum

    Hello... Names Rob, getting the itch to start a new build and get back into rockets. Love doing this during the winter. It's makes for easier recovery at Bong haha. my Level 1 cert flight I believe from a number of years ago. This year going for Level 2 for sure this year. Hoping that goes...
  3. AstroAbaqus

    Happy to join the community!

    Hi to everyone, I think is more than 5 years since I do not write on a forum, probably even more and I am so happy to finally have returned to this much effective way of communication (rather than social media ). I am writing and launching from Scotland UK, however, I am an adopted Scotsman...