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Apr 24, 2022
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Hey everyone! My name is Alex. I've lurked around here for a while and am just now getting around to introducing myself.

I'm a 31 year old college student entering my senior year studying aerospace engineering and computer science. I built a few Estes kits when I was younger and got back into the hobby about two years ago. I joined my university's rocket club and was given a Loc 2.26" BBX kit, which sparked my interest (perhaps obsession) in the high power arena. I flew my L1 on that rocket last summer and have found myself consistently working on rocketry related projects since. I'll be attempting my L2 this upcoming Saturday with a 4" SBR Honest John (Left Picture) flying on an Aerotech K185, and I'm hoping for an impressive (and successful) flight!

In addition to the HoJo I've built a number of other high power rockets, most recently an upscaled scratch build based on an old kit from "The Launch Pad" called the Scimitar (Right Picture). It was a fairly challenging build and it still needs a paint job, so if anyome has suggestions I'd love to hear them! I'm currently working on a 3" PML Bullpup, and so far I am really enjoying my first build that has fiberglass fins and an airframe that isn't cardboard. Seriously happy to not have to fill in those pesky sprials! I've read mixed opinions about Quantum Tube, but I'm not using a piston system and am beefing it up with a full length coupler so I'm confident I won't have any issues.

Besides building high power rockets I also dabble in CAD and 3D printing, which (not surprisingly) is now under the umbrella of the rocketry hobby as I find myself mostly designing and printing rocket parts, haha. I would love to connect with other folks here who find themselves 3D printing rocket stuff, I'm curious what other people have done and what the best materials and practices are.

I am working on an Arduino based flight computer (Middle Picture) as well, with the goal of eventually using it for electronic and dual deployment (only after extensive testing and verification of course). It's currently using a BMP 180 pressure sensor, an MPU 6050 accelerometer/gyroscope, and a micro SD card module and has functioned well as a data logger on two flights so far. The next step is to figure out the pyro channels, though with school starting up again soon that project likely won't see daylight for a while.

Anyways, I'm happy to be here and looking forward to learning more from you awesome folks!


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