BluesRocks launch 6-26-04

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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, it was a great day to fly rockets in KY today!! Temps topped out just under 80, low humidity, light winds, and lots of flying. Since this isn't an official report, I'll post my personal flight log for the day.
1. 29mm Tri F O, on a G38-4
2. Estes Skywinder on a C6-3
3. Baby Bertha on a B6-4
4. Estes 4" V2 on a E18-4
5. LOC IV on a G64-4
6. Estes Outlander on an E9-4
7. Estes Big Daddy on a D12-5
8. Estes Executioner on an E9-4
9. Estes Shuttle Express on a C6-5
10. Estes High Flier on a B6-4
11. Estes Mongoose, on a B6-0, B6-6 combo
12. Estes High Flier on a A8-5
13. Executioner on an F21-6
14. My son's RTF Cruise Missile on a A10-3

Lots of flights, the only damage I suffered was on the Executioner, a crimped lower tube on it's last flight recovering it with a streamer.
Here's the only pic I've got processed so far, it's my favorite. My LOC IV on the G64-4
Wow, thats a lot of flights in a single day, and only one damaged rocket! Very cool.

GREAT launch pic! That G64 looks like a K something, too cool!
Well You can't ask for much better weather than we had for Blueskies 3. Upper 70's to low 80's a very light (<5<10) winds all day and virtually no clouds. And for once the wind, when it was blowing was blowing in the long direction of the field which helped with recovery.

I want to personally thank everybody who showed up as I know if costs real money and time to drive here and I do appreciate it

the Stevens Brothers , Albert and Dennis from Louisvile, Greg and
Jesse from Cave City and Bowling Green, David From extreme Western Ky , Bobby from radcliff and Patrick from Lexington,and all the little kids that they brought with them...:)

We even had a couple adults(Bryan and Bradley(?)) from the Mt.
Washington area show up thay were interested in HPR so maybe they will be joing us soon....

We started launching around 11am to approx 4:30Pm when members of the local AMA club showed up to fly their Rc airplanes.
We lauched from the tail end and off to the side of the AMA"s clubs 500x50 mowed grass runway.

In all we had 50+ flights total...of that the impulse breakdown goes like this:


One of the highlights of this launch was Dennis Steven's attempt to simu-launch 6 estes alphas out of a very large alpha launch pad.....

The majority of it worked although he had the bad luck of being the only person to lost a rocket at this meet and we searched everywhere for it. One of the problems was that vast majority of the field had not had its grass mowed yet so it was almost waist high....

Bobby McKnight has several excellent lauches of his Apogee Upscale Texas Twister which put in a number of beautiful helicopter type flights on B and C engines...

Terry (yours truly) spent the day launching his Manta BG and trying to get it to glide..... which it sorta did....

Some of the rockets that were launched included:
Executioners, Sumo,Texas Twister,Outlander,Shuttle express,Tri-
fo,Skywinder,Baby Bertha,V2's, Crusie Missile, Aurora, Big Daddy,etc..

Pictures will be posted soon to so check them out..

All in All it was great weather, and a great day of model and mid
power model rocketry....

Our next BlueSkies launch is due for very late July.....
Great Launch guys and gals and kiddies.....