Launch Day Saturn SA-6 and Ariane 5

Dec 12, 2020
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Redwater AB Canada
Flew both these models yesterday. Sunny +24C with a 10Km wind from the south.
The Saturn SA-6 was flown on 2xB6-4 and again on 2xC6-3. Video of the Saturn is from the B6-4 cluster.
The Ariane 5 was flown first on a D12-5 just to see if the SRBs would stay attached to the center core as they are attached in only two small areas to the center core.
They stayed on so I flew it again on and E30-4. I think on all the flights I could have used a longer delay. All in all a successful day with no damages to the models. Below link to the Ariane build thread.

IMG_3216.JPG 6 7 _0327.jpg
Ariane 5 Saturn SA-6

View attachment Sat SA-6 B6-4.mp4 Saturn SA-6 Sat SA-6 B6-4_Moment.jpg SA-6

Ariane V E30-4_Moment.jpg
Ariane5 liftoff.