Black Friday Cyber Monday or whatever sales, what ones do I need to look for?

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Aug 13, 2017
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Who has the good sales of rocket products? Wildman and eRockets I know about, who else should be on a newbies radar this weekend?


LiquidFyre Rocketry is having it's first annual sale!
Depends on what you are looking for
Chris' Rocket Supplies has items on sale now and may have more on one of the after Thanksgiving days
Missileworks starts Thanksgiving and goes into the next day
OneBadHawk has a sale going
If you are into research or just make your own starters or e-matches don't forget Pyro Direct (

Welcome to our Black Friday Sale!

25% off entire inventory!

Starting Thanksgiving at Midnight.

Ends Sunday at Midnight.

*Use Code:*BF2017

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Looks like a bad link, think you caught a closing parenthesis in your link. :)

Good to know though. Homemade starters is on my list.
Jon Rocket is having specials starting Thursday with free shipping after $48.00.
Forgot about Performance Hobbies 30% off all Performance Hobbies kits.
Additive Aerospace usually runs something, but hasn't said anything about a sale this year AFAIK .
I know I'm forgetting one.
PML needs to have a sale, and SCP - where are you Scott?
Just noticed PML has 15% off and free shipping sale:

@Thorfire - Thanks for posting about the Rocketman 25% off sale, it is not mentioned on his website. I ordered an 8' chute for my L3 project.
Missile Works Black Friday sale just started at 9:00 PM EST and is good for 19 hours! Jim has some great deals & great products!
"Missile Works Black Friday sale just started at 9:00 PM EST and is good for 19 hours! Jim has some great deals & great products!"

Yes, I grabbed a T3 GPS tracker and a sled for it.
3:45am and I'm sitting here at the airport, ordering up gear for my upcoming winter builds. Stickershock and Missileworks are getting some business so far!
I got the components needed for my L3 project from Mad Cow, they are offering 25% off everything in the store.
So of course my airline had broken wifi, so I couldn't catch the beginning of the Madcow sale. Fortunately the retainers I wanted were still available, though I was unable to snag a 54-75 adapter. Still, not a bad morning!