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Aug 18, 2003
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A recent thread gave me an idea.
I'd like to build a screensaver with pics from everyone here at TRF.
Instead of many pics from 1 person, I'd like to have 3-4 from everyone.
So start posting.
Pick out a few of your best rocket pics, launching, static, low power, high power, whatever you got, and post them here.
Then send high res pics to [email protected]
Be sure to note info about the pic, owner, rocket name, motor, etc.

I'll then choose a bunch to make a screensaver with and send it to everyone that would like it.

Note: The only way I know to make a screensaver is with Adobe Easyphoto, which just makes a slideshow screensaver. If someone with more computer knowledge wants to make a better one, let me know.


This will probably be the first pic of the bunch.
It is my upscale Deuce's Wild on some nice smoky motors. ;)

I know, I know, it looks alot like Carl's, but it's really mine. ;) ;)

One of the best pics I've ever seen.

Carl, could you post what motors WE flew this thing on so I can add it to the info. :D ;)

Oh yeah...that one is a given! I'll send you pix soon - I've got a few great shots!

Good Idea Tim! :) :D

Originally posted by jflis
oh yea, that has *got* to be the "launch photo of the year" if not century! :D

Jim, I got that pic off your website, which I'm sure you knew that.
Can you email the high res, or would I need to get it from Carl?

Paging Mr. Tulanko, Mr. C. Tulanko.
I can get it to you (i'm not sure if Carl has a hi-res version of that one)

send me an email as a reminder (also, it will have to wait a week or two till I get my data disk back...)

Heres mine : Estes Missle Command E2X on a A10-3T
I'm not sure if its big enough, but I've got a pretty good shot of a Quest Tomahawk going on a C6-5
Slim, thanks for putting this together!

I wonder if the TRF message database is organized such that one could get all the pictures... maybe one of the moderators can chime in here? that would sure make it easy for you to poke through & pick a few winners.
I like the idea... my best pics can be found here, I have SO many... but those are actually my rockets, and are some of my best. They are all linked to their high res pic, as well.
The attached is another good one, i don't have it in high res tho. also, its off center (i didn't take it!! my gmom did...;) ) so you may want to crop it (if you wana use it)
if you browse around my site you may find other pics of my rockets that you like... feel free to use any of them, and if you have a question just PM me.
I've got lots of great pix, including this one of the TRF crew from NARAM:

A Tres launch:

John Cronin's rocket class:

TRF at NSL2003:

Elementary school kids with their Flea model rockets, ready to fly:

and many, many more... Best would be to check out our photo album at:

Also check out my personal photo album at:

Most of these can be provided in hi-res. When I get my data disk back I will send some over.

TRF at NSL2003:

I was there... but i wasn't a TRFr then:( It was my first club launch, alltho i had been launching rockets for 3-4 years b4 that. That helped get me more interested in MPR, even tho i could only be there on Sat and the wether was less than perfect. it was the first time i ever heard of FlisKits... i was one of those people who were like 'i cant beleve that rocket actually flew straight' when Mr Flis launched his acme spitfire:D i have a pic of the launch, but its not digital and i don't have access to a scaner...
Some great pics already.
Rocketkid, that's quite a website and collection you've got there. How old are you? You've got some great launch pics.
I like the ARVCondor, Flash, Chrome Dome, and Skywinder pics.
I tried to get them off the webpage, but it wouldn't work for some reason. Can you email them to [email protected]

Jim, those are great also. Of course I love the Tres, and the 2 with the kids are good too. That's alot of Fleas on that board, good thing they aren't termites. ;)
When you get your PC fixed, I'll let you know which ones I'd like, or you can just email whatever you like.

I know it would be easy to just browse the web and grab pics, but I wanted to do it this way so I could get permission from the owners, and have everyone here add pics they like to make it a true TRF members screensaver.


This is one of my favorites!
A cropped version is the backround for the home page of
The St. Louis Rocketry Association web site.
The full size version is 325k.
Originally posted by slim_t
Rocketkid, that's quite a website and collection you've got there. How old are you? You've got some great launch pics.
I like the ARVCondor, Flash, Chrome Dome, and Skywinder pics.
I tried to get them off the webpage, but it wouldn't work for some reason. Can you email them to [email protected]

Thanx! I'm 15... been into rocketry for 5 years now.
I can send you those pics.... i'll do it tomorow. do you get an error message or anything on my site? if theres a broken link please let me know ASAP so i can get it fixed:) Is the skywinder one the one i attached? if so thats already as high a res as i've got... i duno if it'll look bad or not. that'll have to be your call;)
Thanx again for your complements... even tho i've had 1000+ hits i recieve almost 0 feed back, good or bad, so i apreciate it. G'nite all!
FYI That was a nice perky little M motor flown by our frequent flyer by the name of Mark Grant from Columbia, Missouri.
Really nice flight followed by an eye-popping main chute
deployment around 500 feet if I recall correctly!
I had to shrink that last pic so much, I didn't know it would look so bad on the post....The full size pic is 325K if you decide to use it. My idea was to have all 3 pics flash in a mini-flight rotation!
Dr Don
I really like this photo of my Magnum on a J500 and dual G64's.
I really like your Magnum !
Here is my Amraam on an I435 last year on the 4th of July!
For me it's a toss up on favorite pictures.

I'm pretty proud of <a href="">THIS</a> one. It's my 3" dia. 2.6x upscale Estes Bullpup taming a G64 of the rod.

<a href="">THIS</a> is a picture Jason and I are *very* proud of. (I know Jim likes it too!) This was taken at the Florida "Tour de Deuce" kickoff. Jason's 24mm upscale Deuce took on my 24mm upscale "TdD Mascot" in a heated drag race. Neither won. They flew in perfect tandem. (I forget the motors.)

Tim, this is the same Deuce you saw Jason crash at the SEARS TdD launch. My beautiful Deuce on the right ended up in a lake. Grrr...I still can't get over it.
Originally posted by Steward

You know me... always wantin' to show off the MAX...!!!

Nice max ! What motor was that on ?
Rocketkid, when I tried to save the pics from your website, I didn't get an error or broken link. It just wouldn't save the pic. Instead it saved the whole web page, but excluded the pic. Maybe I should have tried it a different way. I don't think anything is wrong with your site though.
The skywinder pic works fine. I blew it up to full screen and it still looks good, so just send the others I mentioned when you can. Thanks.

Everyone, these pics are awesome. Every time I open one, I want to reply saying how cool it is, but that would be alot of replies that say, "Wow, nice pic." So, to everyone, "Wow, nice pics." :)

Keep em coming.

OK here's mine, this is someone at my club's Barracuda going up on an F21-7W Econojet. One of my favourites...
Here's a couple of mine -

First up is my Thunder N Lightning (J to an I). Can't remember who's pic it is but full credit for an excellent shot.

I have an excellent .avi video of the flight too!