Any other birders out there?

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May 10, 2011
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And I dont mean hunting.....;) :D

Is there anyone else who is interested in bird watching? Does anyone have pics of birds (rarer or purtier of more interesting the better:D ) that they took? No downloading off Audabons website. Thats cheatin;) :p

Heres a few I took with our new digital camera.:cool:

This one is a Barred Owl. I took it right out our back window a day or two after we moved into our new house. This particular one is going in an Audabon slide show.....:D :cool:
Here are some Common Eiders. They are pretty common up around here, but they still are purty and purty interesting.:D
Heres one of my fauvorites. Harlequin Ducks. They are semi-rare, and you can only see them in one or two spots around here. And, fortunately, we know just where to look. We make it an annual outing to go down and see them. Whe have done so for 3 years straight:cool:

This is the first time we took a camera, though.:cool:
Heres some Hooded Mergansers. Not as rare as the Harlequins, but you still have to know just where to look.;)
that owl is cool, I whatch birds all the time, let me take a pic in the morning when they are around
This one is an Oldsquaw. The name was technically changed to "long tailed duck" because "oldsquaw" is a rude name for an elderly female native american. The name still hasent caught on, though.:rolleyes:

Whatever they are called nowadays, they are a sight to be seen!:cool:
And last but not least, the red breasted merganser. From the same family as the Hooded merganser. Another kind that is harder to find. This isnt the best of pictures, but hey. Its worth posting if you ask me.

I have been wanting to share these pics for a while now.....:rolleyes: ;) Thanks for bearing with me!;)
I sort of do, mostly just dabbling in ducks.(pun intended) Or any waterfowl. We went up to Klamath Basin one time and saw hundreds of grebes, and then in Portland(?) A bunch of pie-billed grebes. I think thats the name. They're more social than pidgeons, get within about a foot of em. Then on the NARAM trip we were at some park in indiana and a bunch of canada geese were there, guess where our Fritos went :). Probably wans't good, but it was funny. Hissing and honking at us. Everyday at our school there are a few canadas in the ftball field. Over spring break we will be taking a family trip to Nebraska to see the Sandhill Cranes migrate. HAlf a million at once. Sweet.
Hey..... You posted before I was finished!:kill: ;)

Didnt see you reply...

What do you get in your yard? We used to get cardinals, juncos, bluejays, chickadees, woodcock, sparrows, warblers, oriols and even a goshawk at our old house, but our new one doesent have any songbirds. THough there are a lot more of the bigger stuff.... We saw a woodcock today, and I saw a pileated woodpecker a few days back, and my mom has been seeing brown creepers. and the occasional chickadee also:rolleyes:

Shannon (my dog) LOVES watching chickadees go from the trees to our feeder and back to the trees... its so funny watching her head go up and down, up and down over and over and over agin.:rolleyes: and the birds dont even seem to notice....:confused:
Il get a pic tomorrow morning at the feeder, mostly starlings but a few doves here and there. Also we get the occasional squirel on the front feeder, a thrown rock(even if missed, preferably missed) will fix that problem. Threw one piece of driveway gravel, hit a foot away from that bugger, haven't seen it since.
Sorry... Gotta be in the wild:p ;)

Nice bird, though! :cool:

My back deck is covered in bird feeder!

But alas I don't have many pics. I just got my digital camera for Christmas and have yet to take bird pics.

I live on the shore (1,000 feet away) from Lake Huron and it is a major migratory route!

I'm anxious for the biannual (once in the spring and once in the fall) of the arrival of the Evening Groesbeaks. Very colorful!

They seem to chase all the other bird away and they always arrive in multiple pairs of at least 6 males and six females.

They take over the feeders, pig out for about an hour then leave until the next change of season.

Unfortunately we do get a lot of Red Tailed Hawks that "feed" at our feeding station...this drives my dogs crazy...the hawks DO NOT eat bird seed!

Also I do get a lot of Great Blue Herrons in my yard...The Bast**ds eat all the fish out of my pond!

One Blue Herron will not be comming back...he discovered that after feeding at my fish pond (Expensive Koi!) he could not get airborn with a Jack Russel Terrier attached to his leg.

The dog leaped about 2 feet into the air and HELD ON!!

R.I.P. Big dumb ol' fish stealing bird!

LOL.... I *LIKE* great blue herons! :kill: :p ;)

Redtailed hawks... Right up close.... I wanna come over to YOUR house this vacation....;) :p I have seen one Grosbeak before... Very pretty. But only one.... No pairs.:confused:

We had this one robin that didnt migrate last winter... The thing just sat in one crab apple tree ALL WINTER LONG. The starlings eventually picked the tree bare about mid-march, so the poor thing either died or moved on to the tree next door, I am not sure which:(
We too have a squirrel proof feeder. Ours has this perch that turns around really fast when a squirrel sits on it. It sends em flying every time!:cool: :kill: :p :eek:

I pity any squirrel that gits on that thing at THIS new house... Theres trees all around the feeder.... Whiiiiz.... WHACK WHACK WHACK!:eek:
I have a squirrel proof feeder. It has a spring loaded perch attached to a lid that covers the food when anything heavier than a couple birds sits on it. We only use sunflower hearts, that way there are no hulls to clean up. Also, if buy by weight, you only pay for what is eaten, not the hulls. We have towhees, cardinals, chickadees, two kinds of wood peckers, junkos, nuthatches, wrens, gold and house finches and other assorted yard birds. There are hawks in the woods behind us and you can hear them scream sometimes. Couple of sets of crows. We put out peanuts in the shell for them and the squirrels. Sometimes we have blue birds and grossbeaks, but not every year. Oh, not to forget the turkeys. Sometimes 15-20 will walk right through the yard. Magnificent animals. Hard to believe anything that big flies.
In the winter the activity at the bird feeder is the only life in sight. Worth every penny I put in it just to see some color. Pennsylvania winters are notoriously grey. It wears on you a bit. In the spring, the birds feed their chicks thousands of insects from around our house, more than paying us back.
LOL.... I *LIKE* great blue herons!

NOT when they eat $50 fish!

My neighbor had a Heron get caught and died on a power pole!

The funniest sight was afer he got the Heron down (it fell) he put it in a trash can at the end of his driveway...with just the long skinny legs sticking straight up in the air!:D

You paid $50 for A FISH!?:eek:

At least buy a piranah... They can defend the rest of your fish from big nasty GBHs!;) :eek: :kill:
I was going to post a pic of my friend "Robin"but didn't want to hijack your fun.will see what i can photo tommarrow,it's dark now,but i am on the waterfront and get lots of visiters.
As much as I love Herons , I am still giggeling over the "legs sticking up" ....
If you are familiar with the major migration routes in the country you can get an idea of my wealth of birding action in the St. Louis area. We are smack dab in the center of the Mississippi Flyway!
If you look at a map, the Ole Miss swings out to the east for a while around the metro area. The migrating flyers tend to take a short cut through west ST Louis county: right through my back yard!!!!
The fine featherd foul passing by would be too many to list quickly. Some of the highlights over the years include a Ross' Gull and a Red Crossbill that were accidentals way out of their normal range! The migrating warblers due to stop in to feast on the Hackberry in a couple of weeks always challenge identification!
I have only been successful in documenting about a dozen species. My favorite is still the American Redstart, although the Northern Parula is in close contention!!
As far as pics , my electronic is just not worth a d-m for birding !
I have collected a pile of (pat-on-back) nice shots with my old Minolta 35mm hard film camera sporting a telephoto zoom. I am not sure how to transform any of these into digital.
My most common back yard birds include Both Cooper and Red Tail hawks. The Great Horned Owls( they have been busily mating lately on moonlit nights) are always a real hoot!!( I can never resist that one!) There was Actually a Bald Eagle back in the big tree about 2 weeks ago. I had half the neighborhood back there gawking before He glided off across the field down towards Gravois Creek. Turkey Vultures hang out down that way waiting for road kill from Hwy 21. Kestrils are always chasing down the song birds. And the Hawks keep the dove population in check.
The night Hawks are always whoopin it up all night . But they are a real challenge to spot during the day. I once looked right at one with the Binocks for a long time before my brain decoded the disguise! Hummingbirds! Did someone say Woodpeckers!
Flickers, Yellow bellied sap suckers, Downeys, Hairys, Red Heads, and those awsome Pileated!!! Fly catchers, swallows, crows, Jays,
Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, Wrens, Kinglets, Thrashers, Mockingbirds, the ever present Cardinals and Robins, Bluebirds, Thrush, Waxwings, vireos, redwinged blackbirds, huge flocks of Grackles, Meadowlarks, Orioles, more Finches than I can grasp,
Grosbeaks, and Sparrows that baffel me. We also have a population of Eurasion tree sparrows!
As far as ducks and shore birds, I usually have to go up to the river near Portage De Sioux where I keep my sailboat. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you have a huge flock of Great Egrets circling overhead! More ducks than hunters can shoot (luckily its a protected area), and scores of waders.
We usually manage a trip to the Gulf in the fall. It is amazing that I have seen more Gulls here in the midwest around the Riverlands area (near the confluence of the Missouri and the Mississippi) than I have ever seen around the Mobile Bay area!!!
My favorite accidental at the Gulf was a Glossy Ibis!
Can you tell that I have been flipping through my Peterson's
Field Guide!!!!!
Let me see if I can dig up any pics..... Dr Don
You keep posting those pics with all the nice scenery, and I will be coming to your house for vacation this year! :p
LOL! Only one of those pics was at my house! The owl.... Yes, we have VERY nice scenery up in maine. Though, you must note, these pics were taken mid-winter. If they were taken anywhere else, there would be tourists in the photo:kill: :kill: :mad: :mad: But in mid winter, its great. all the trails and walkways are open, but you rarely see anyone other than a Maine resident there (all the tourists from Florida ETC get scared away by below-freezing temps. One good thing about cold weather.....:kill: ).

We have very nice scenery at our house, also. We have a long strip of pine forest, and across the road is 400 acres of undeveloped pine forest. And the best part is, the owner lets anyone walk there! And, if you ask first, you can hunt there too!:cool: And there is this big saltmarsh with rare birds and plants, with a river running right through it!

OK. I wont make you all any more jealous. Though I will say that there are deer EVERYWHERE on our property, and turkeys also!:cool:

My mom made a wire&plaster lifesize model of a great blue heron. She named it "GBH". When it was just sitting there collecting dust, she put in a trash can, with its little legs stickin straight up! Lets take a poll... How many people have seen GBH legs sticking up outa trashcans?:eek: ;)
hahaha sandman those stories are halarious. Reminds me of the stories an old friend used to tell. There was a barn full of barn swallows and they were a real pain. So, when they all had babies he would take a few of them, go out to a feild and toss them up in the air for the Chicken hawk to come eat. Sounds fun to me. I will go take a pic of my birds now
Those things are cute, I agree with neil.. thats mean... I saw a bunch of them on our trip this summer...

(edited 8-20-04)
Even though it may be a little obvious that I am slightly biased as to the Perfect Geography of Missouri..., I must admit that Maine
is among my favorite places!!! We took a 3 week trip back in
1991 up to Acadia National Park. When I try to describe the area to folks around here, I say that if you take a few square miles of the exposed Missouri granite Ozark Mountains and plop them off the coast of Maine: Presto! You have Acadia!
We took one of those whale watching tours out of Bar Harbour
and were lucky enough to come accross an entire pod of Fin Backs
about 25 miles out feasting in streams of plankton!! There were some dudes in Zodiak boats following them around that had them all named!! ...Another one of natures indescribable spectacles!!!!!!
I am still impressed with the incredable Denseness of those stands of trees in the north Maine forests! I always felt there was something in there watching me!
Dr Don
Just got back from a birding trip. ugh. 5-6 hours in the car. I was actually bored of birds. All I thought we would be doing was looking at the nuclear power plant, WRONG. We did see a short billed Dowitcer. Didnt get a pic though.