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Sold Aerotech Initiator Systems Package #89011 29mm PRICE REDUCED

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Dec 4, 2016
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Birmingham, AL
NOS, unbuilt Aerotech Initiator Systems Package. Includes the Mantis rocket pad, Interlock Launch Controller, Initiator Advanced Rocket Kit, Rocksim software, and more.
These sets launched the high power rocketry careers of a generation of Born-Again-Rocketeers (BARS) and are highly collectable now. If you can find them, these fetch prices of $250 or more on
the auction sites.

Here's your chance to get one for only $150, including shipping to the lower 48. PayPal preferred. Longtime supporter of TRF and "The Rocketry Show Podcast", NAR Member, and on Ebay since 1996 with
a 100% positive feedback rating. You will be happy. DM to purchase.

Features of Initiator Advanced Model Rocket #89011

  • -39" long tip to tail.
  • -Precision airfoil fins molded of durable polymer.
  • -Fin-Lok fin mounting system.
  • -Integrated load distribution structure.
  • -Sturdy pre-slotted body tube.
  • -Durable motor tube.
  • -Aero-Fibre centering rings.
  • -Motor hook.
  • -Labyrinth ejection gas cooling system.
  • -Tangle free shock cord mount.
  • -One piece molded nose cone.
  • -Large colorful adhesive decals.
  • 29mm Motor Mount. Flies great on E and G motors.
Features of Interlock Launch Controller

  • -Key-Eject safety key ejection system.
  • -Audible arming signal.
  • -Arming status display.
  • -Interlock igniter clip for Copperhead igniter.
  • -Durable black polymer case.
  • -40 feet of power cord.
  • -Battery clips for 12 volt battery.
  • -Safety key storage well.
  • -Launch procedure checklist display.
  • -Flip up cover.
Features of Mantis Launch Pad

  • -Designed for all rockets.
  • -Swing arm loading.
  • -Elevated rocket positioning for easy igniter hook-up.
  • -Molded in Aerospace White polymer.
  • -Two piece threaded 4.75 x 1/4" launch rod.
  • -Removable aluminum legs.
  • -Angled metal blast deflector.
  • -Adapter for 1/8" and 3/16" launch rods.
  • -Swivel base.
  • -Launch angle control wheel.


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