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  1. G38-FJ7


    HV Arcas on a G38-FJ7 fast black jack
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    HV Arcas
  3. HV Arcas

    HV Arcas

    Aerotech’s HV Arcas
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  10. K

    Hobbylinc Sale on 18/20 RMS Aerotech

    For those who want to get an Aerotech 18/20 RMS now is a good time. Hobbylinc has them on sale for $20.39. The D13 is a great motor for small, heavy rockets. Tom
  11. Arfang

    Aerotech SU motors dimensions wanted

    Good day everyone, I'm currently designing parts for two MPR/HPR projects and I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with dimensions for Aerotech SU motors. I understand that a 29x124 motor has a 29 mm casing diameter and a 124 mm overall length, but what about the nozzle diameter and length...
  12. W

    For Sale Large Aerotech Inventory Available Reloads and Hardware

    I have thought about it and now am looking to sell my very large inventory of Aerotech Reloads and Hardware. I am attaching a PDF with the full list of reloads. There are over 180 reloads available from H-N motors. Not looking to sell everything but if someone comes with the asking price of...
  13. Cameron Anderson

    Aerotech M750 nozzle issue

    First time M750 flyer here. There appears to be channel around the nozzle that the liner rests on (on the diagram screenshot you can see the liner does not rest in the groove but rather on it). My nozzle groove is gouged and chipped in several spots. Anyone know the condemnation criteria for...
  14. kevindcornwell

    SOLD AT/Dr. Rocket RMS 75/2560 casing

    75/2560 Aerotech/Dr. Rocket motor casing. Bought used, never used myself. Case only, no closures or FSD. In excellent condition. $75 + shipping and it's yours.
  15. H

    Overstable rocket and how to fix it

    I am thinking about trying dual deploy for the first time and will be buying an aerotech mirage. I will also buying the madcow ebay for this rocket. Now when I sim the rocket in rocsim it says a margin of 7.06 with an I200w. Now how in the heck do I bring that margin down? It seems to me I would...
  16. Oberon

    New Aerotech Igniter Insulation Failure

    Yesterday I flew a 38-360 I245G motor. It came packaged with an igniter a bit different from the other FirstFires I’ve seen. The insulation was a different color, red and yellow, rather than the regular dark yellow. And it was softer and thinner. When I went to launch, I had good continuity...
  17. R&D Cesar

    How to import Cesaroni/AeroTech engines to Brazil?

    Hello, guys, I am braziliam and I have a big problem: I need to know a way to import engines like Cesaroni/AeroTech engines to Brazil. I studied a little about how to do it, but our rules makes us unable to import inflamable products from another country, oh, the other problem is that the...
  18. UPscaler

    For Sale LDRS 38 or Bust!!

    Some of you may know that I shoot videos of high power rockets, and I have been planning on trekking to Argonia for LDRS all year. After a recent event I am left with two damaged cameras, and car troubles that are going to require me to fly and rent a car. Without rolling out the pity party too...
  19. dvdsnyd

    SOLD Aerotech / Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete motor hardware

    I have a Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete Motor hardware set available. - Case - Fwd Closure - Rear Closure - Seal Disk Everything in Fantastic condition, minus a nick on the Fwd Closure. Blemish does not affect assembly of the motor in any way, and does not appear inside the smoke well of the...
  20. mpitfield

    Aerotech K1103X with plugged forward closure no anchor

    I am just assembling an Aerotech K1103X motor, and the instructions do not deal with a plugged forward closure. Do I assemble it as per the instructions, treating the delay grain like a smoke grain, no drill out for time adjusting and obviously leave out the BP? If so, what about the forward...