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  1. A

    Best choice of motor for L1 on a LOC IV?

    Hello everyone, Just ordered a LOC IV and will be attempting a Level 1 flight next month in Lucerne Lake! I want to fly it on an H motor and want to go with the safest and single-use option for this flight. I was thinking Aerotech H100W-14A but not sure if it would handle it well. Especially...
  2. B

    Aerotech mid power thrust ring

    I recently bought the Aerotech Cheetah and do not want to use the engine hook. Instead, I am using an Estes motor retainer. The Aerotech instructions say to slide the thrust ring till it hits the motor hook’s end. Can I get rid of the thrust ring or do I need to use the motor retainer?
  3. RalPh8

    Got my L2 done!

    Got my L2 over the weekend with Tripoli North Texas! Great time launching and meeting folks. Here’s video of the flight: Flight details in the video description.
  4. hambirm2018

    Great Score Launch

    A had a great launch with SCORE! Just my photos... not my rockets. It’s hard to do both!!
  5. hambirm2018

    Winter Storm Colorado

    Well the storm is about 5 hours away. Building with my new rocket kitchen set. It’s overkill but it works great for multiple rockets. Currently, I have 4 in various stages. Scratch True Value Rocket Estes Doorknob MadCow Jayhawk Scratch Stego-rocket on 29mm
  6. RalPh8

    Recommendations to fix aerotech G force

    My Aerotech G force took a nose dive today due to my fault. I hadn’t flown it in 5 years and forgot it came with a heat dissipating metal sponge and baffle. I loaded dog barf and sent it on it’s merry way with a G74. It went up beautifully but didn’t have enough force to pop open and ate it big...
  7. R

    SOLD 98mm hardware and 38mm reloads

    Hey folks, I am scaling down a tad, keeping everything except 98mm stuff and two reloads that I won't use. I have: 98mm Loki hardware consisting of: 98mm Nozzle carrier .688 throat graphite nozzle for carrier (for the 2 grain 5kns case) fired 3 times Full diameter graphite nozzle, 1 inch...
  8. Bungie64

    Wanted Dr. Rockets 54/2800 case and closures

    I am looking for a Dr. Rockets 54/2800 case with closures but also interested in any Dr. Rockets or monster motor cases and matching closures.
  9. Mr G

    38/1320 hardware usage

    There is only one Aerotech reload for the for 38/1320 hardware, the J510. Everyone who has reported, praises the motor. But how many J510s do you burn? Or do you use adapters for 38/1080 and 38/720 reloads to expand the usefulness of the hardware? Or did you buy the case just so you had a full...
  10. G38-FJ7


    HV Arcas on a G38-FJ7 fast black jack
  11. 9FB870F2-D9E8-4982-8343-03165BF9B9D4.jpeg


    HV Arcas
  12. HV Arcas

    HV Arcas

    Aerotech’s HV Arcas
  13. 43DC4504-08E0-4A9C-A27B-5629378F79FF.jpeg


  14. D62BE1C2-87DB-487E-BFE0-EB28B4C4A2FF.jpeg


  15. 85A41779-A41A-440F-AE50-52F85FEE03B3.jpeg


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  19. K

    Hobbylinc Sale on 18/20 RMS Aerotech

    For those who want to get an Aerotech 18/20 RMS now is a good time. Hobbylinc has them on sale for $20.39. The D13 is a great motor for small, heavy rockets. Tom
  20. Arfang

    Aerotech SU motors dimensions wanted

    Good day everyone, I'm currently designing parts for two MPR/HPR projects and I'm wondering if anyone could provide me with dimensions for Aerotech SU motors. I understand that a 29x124 motor has a 29 mm casing diameter and a 124 mm overall length, but what about the nozzle diameter and length...