1. The_Quacken

    Blackhawk 29

    Not a full build but I wanted to show off this since it’s my first real fiberglass high power (Altho it’s sorta sitting on the very edge of high and mid power) it’s a wildman Blackhawk 29 and hopefully I can get a flight on her at the next score launch. First flight will probably be mid power...
  2. 5

    Sold My 38/360 set for Your 29/240 set

    I picked this up for a great deal but have sat on it since then. I would venture a guess that it is unused as it was with the estate of a rocketeer but there were no reloads to be found. He did have plenty of 29/40 - 240 reloads but again, no matching hardware. Hoping to trade but will let...
  3. HOMA

    BMS School Rockets, 29mm and Cluster

    First off my Thanks to @Alan R and @waltr for their contributions in Alan's build thread. I have several sims attached and for the 3" School Rocket I used their sims as my starting point. The sims attached with the -stock label are for anyone else that needs them. I have adjusted all the weights...
  4. mtnmanak

    29mm Minimum Diameter Dual Deploy Go Devil

    At some point, I had picked up a Composite Rocketry 29mm Go Devil and it had been sitting in the build pile for a while. (As a side note, I am really confused about the relationship between Rocketry Warehouse, Composite Warehouse and Madcow. Probably a discussion for a different thread.) We...
  5. LOC_PK_25_Iris_rocket__76603.1591751131.1280.1280.jpg


    A beautiful model to have
  6. J

    Sold Collection, Motor Casings 29/38/54

    *this post is a "work in progress" so i will be editing it with new info for probably the first week its up* This is my late fathers collection. We both enjoy this hobby many years ago and I do not have plans of continuing with it. With that being said, I'm here to sell this collection as a...
  7. Brian H.

    Small moonburners and igniters

    I did a search and found lots of answers for larger moonburner motors, but nothing for the small ones. I have recently had a Cesaroni H54 29mm moonburner Cato because the igniter wadded up and clogged the nozzle. Is there a trick to preventing this from happening? Others use bamboo skewers...
  8. artapplewhite

    29mm Priority Cinco

    I have posted the plans for a 29mm Priority Cinco on my website, on the "Free Stuff" page. Instructions and templates are there so that anyone can build a 29mm Cinco type flying saucer using cardboard and Elmer's glue. I appreciate feedback. Art Applewhite www.artapplewhite.com
  9. Cameron Anderson

    Scratch build thread - 2.2" three stage

    Cold weather has forced me indoors for the winter to build. I got all my parts for my 3 stage last week. All airframe, couplers, anf bulkplates are from PML. Hardware is from Ace Hardware. My goal is to create a modular system around 54mm airframe with interchangeable electronics bays and...
  10. tOD

    Aerotech 29mm hardware

    I've had an Aerotech 29mm reload adaptor system on order from "Vendor X" for months. They say it's Aerotech that's the holdup. I figure it's true since no other vendors seem to have it either. Does anyone else have a similar problem, or know any details about the shortage?