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Advertisement: Wanted:Acme Fin Can

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Jul 14, 2004
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Looking for Acme 54mm fin can. Have one lying around you really don't need? I heard Acme went out of business or something. Thanks
I tried HPRT to no avail last year. Thanks!
Try Coast Rocketry in BC. It's not on the website, but last time I was over there, he had a 54mm Acme fin can. Throw him an email. Buy Canadian, save the border charges etc. :D

If you do have to buy American though, I've been to that store hokkyokusei linked to (All Hobbies in Puyallup, WA), they're good folks.
Thanks, I try to shop Canadian whenever I can.

Lucky you, you're closer than I am to Coast Rocketry:D. Great store!

Just sent an e-mail to double-check.