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Sold 6.0 inch diameter Python Rocketry fiberlassed nose cone with 54mm internal ebay compartment

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Jan 20, 2009
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I have a very nice and rare 6.0 inch diameter fiberglassed nose cone made by Python Rocketry that was in business from 2013 to 2017 (estimated time span). It's a Von Karmen design that is 35.25 inches long. Silver tipped. Has a 5 1/8th inch coupling area for a fiberglass body tube. It could work with regular 6.0 inch diameter blue tube as well.it also includes an internal 54mm diameter ebay area with an ebay housing component.

For sale at $150.00 + shipping.

It is very light weight so shipping shouldn't be much.

Photo attached with data about Python. They were well advertised in Rockets Magazine. I had it for a rocket project, but have lots of rocket projects and need to dwindle down my rocket pile.


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Got any pics of the ebay? The cone is flared foam, right?
If you look carefully at the nosecone it is structured quite well. Layered with slices of internal timber sections. Foam is added for internal rigidity and layered with several sheets of fiberglass.

The attached photos provided are in support of inserting an internal apogee deployment system to support current altimeters or other devices.

It is a very strong and lightweight nose cone. It fits the wild man fiberglass body tubes quite well.
There is archived history and feedback on Python Rocketry nose cones.

Lately it seems there is a shortage of 6.0 inch diameter nose cones.


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Got any pics of the ebay? The cone is flared foam, right?
Here is another photo with it on the upper section of the 12 foot rocket it was intentionally intended for.

Meant for an M to N impulse rocket project.


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