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Wanted Replacement parts

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Oct 15, 2011
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After an eventful weekend, I find myself in need of a couple miscellaneous parts to replace things broken and burned in the line of duty... or flight... or attempted flight. If you have any of the following available, please reach out and let me know your asking price and locale, so I might estimate shipping:
  • Aeropack Tailcone retainer cone for 54mm MMT in a 3" body. (TC5430A, B, or R) Note: Only looking for the actual cone, not the part it screws on to...
  • 54mm thin-walled FG fin can from a Rocketry Warehouse Scarab 54 or Ibex 54. Also willing to consider other 54mm thin-wall FG airframed fin-cans, just let me know the deets.
    • alternately, about 32" length of 54mm thin-walled FG + 2x 38mm-in-54mm airframe centering rings
Seems relatively unlikely to me, but if someone has a spare part lying around after a similarly unfortunate weekend, maybe we can work out a deal.