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Oct 10, 2016
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I was wondering if anybody has had any experience using these chutes?
We work with these from day to day in my job and was able to find some as military surplus.
It is a 64 inch parachute that is used to extract larger (3500 lb airdrop loads) and have their mains deploy.
I haven't had a chance to actually try one of these out, but would like to give it a shot.
Is there a good way to sim new parachutes without launching them, so should I put them on a "dummy rocket" that I'm okay with losing first?
Any info is appreciated!
My biggest concern would be the bulkiness of the chute and the chute's weight. How compact does pack? (Specifically asking this for the evaluation of whether or not it will fit in a rocket that it's adequately sized for.)

A similarly sized and very cheap parachute that is known to work can be found here: https://aeroconsystems.com/cart/all-parachutes/60-inch-white-parachute/ It's my opinion that that parachute for $12 is the single best bargain in high powered rocketry.
It's tiny and very light weight. It packs into a 3"x6" bag every day.
Just got a good decent rate for a 15 lb payload from a manual. .
23.8 fps at sea level.
I'll take a look at the $12 one.
Thanks for the quick reply!