LOC Star Fighter-152 (PK7) Build.

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Not my build. Sorry, Back_at_it. Not my intention to highjack the post. I was just comparing my old, old, old version. This post has prompted me to get another one!
The weather was finally nice enough for me to get some paint on this build. I did three coats of Krylon gloss white about 10 mins apart.

I have some ideas on what I want to do for the vinyl but I need to get a couple of more good days to get some accent colors sprayed on before the vinyl can start.

Back with an update. Weather has been cold and wet here so I haven't had a chance to do any painting outside. I decided to paint some of the details by hand. Painted the leading edges of the wings, tail and stabilizers using Tamiya Metallic Silver. I do have a couple of little areas where the paint got under the tape line but that is an easy clear up.

While I was at it I painted the motor retainer Krylon Dark Metallic Gray. Next up will be laying out and cutting the vinyl. Should have a chance to get that do this week.

Thanks for the complements guys. I really appreciate it. The masking took a fair bit of time.

I did the tail first and let that dry completely for a day before moving on the stabilizers. I did one stablizer at a time then did the wings last. All told it took about 3 days with drying time.

The underside matches as well.
At this point I had two halves of a body tube. After test fitting I decided I didn't care for the squared off look and wanted a rounded opening. To do this I traced a BT60 centering ringon a piece of blue tape then cut it out and applied to one half of the tube.

View attachment 564479View attachment 564480

After marking the circle I used a hobby knife to cut it out. Tip for you here is to lay the body tube over a 24mm motor case to support it while you cut.

View attachment 564481View attachment 564482
That's a very nice technique for the geometry and the marking.
It's taken me a little while to decide which direction I wanted to go with decals and come up with a design. I borrowed some ideas from vintage Estes kits and came up with what you see below.

78.jpg79 - Copy.jpg81.jpg83.jpg84.jpg



Last part of the assembly was to attach the shock cord and do a preliminary fit of the nose cone.

Really well done, I like the two tone blue. Are those stripes printed on decal paper, painted and masked, or pin striping tape?
Final pics until the flight report.

Total weight. 11.7oz or 333 grams. This is with everything packed minus the motor. This included wadding, fire blanket, chute, shock cord.

CG without motor is 14.25" from tip of the cone. With an Estes F15 the CG move back to approx. 16.5" from the tip. This gives me a more than safe 2.1 stability.