5:1 Von Karman (Haack series) NC generator wanted

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Jan 18, 2009
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Anybody have a spread sheet that will plot out a VK NC?
I need a 5:1 4.5-inch VK NC built....and I need a drawing first.

Anybody got a tool for computing the drawing?

Just figured I'd ask before I make one.
Thanks in advance.
Do you plan to fabricate this? If so how?

I friend said he had a friend who made bitchin NC's and could make it.
I reached out that person and they said they could but needed a drawing.
That's about all I know and I'm not sure I should disclose the person as I don't know him.

So -- sorry -- don't know the details.

I severely damaged the front of a regular FWFG with metal tip pushing it to Mach 2.4.
I need something that will do Mach 4.5 so I know the usual sources won't do.
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I have an ablative formulation if you want to experiment with. Will need to modify a cheap Horror Freight spray gun to apply. Email me for the details.