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Jan 25, 2004
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Whos going to LDRS 24 in Canada? My dad and I were considering going, and we wanted to see how many TRF-ians are planning to go.
Nope. (Hopefully) Going to NARAM next year. Hopefully if LDRS is in Argonia 2006 I'll go.
Hand raised enthusiastically!

Can't wait!!!
I'm going!

It should be pretty cool-50k waiver if I remember correctly

I've already got a J, a K and a cluster L flight (w/ 4 airstarts) planned
I heard there's going to be an N2000 to an N2000 flight.

Working on a neat little project for that launch as well!
With all the motor import/export stuff AND crossing the border with a bunch of rockets...well I will just skip the hassle and wait. The Delta II group look seriously at it for a while, then decided maybe we would hit up springfest instead. I don't need any more hassles than I already have. But, major credit goes to the hosting club for setting all the forms up and doing a nice job on pointing out the regulations and such.