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May 12, 2010
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Hey, New guy here!!
I was reading on the kit review forum and a guy refered to himself as a BAR. What doe's he mean??:confused:
Born Again Rocketeer - someone who was a rocketeer when they were young, then left the hobby/sport (usually due to finding out about things like cars, girls, college, etc), and then come back to the hobby later in life - a lot of times because their children show an interest, or they are cleaning out the attic and find an old rocket or two, or something else like that.

Basically it's a guy that used to fly rockets but recently got back into the hobby.
Note the button at the top of the TRF page that says "glossary"

You can get tons of info from the EMRR website, including lots of explanations of what all these abbreviations mean
Drockets, I wish I could say the same, I have never gone more than about two years before I launch something, but I also have never made the step to mpr or hpr. Now is the time. I will be heading to a launch at Maddox Farm west of Fresno Ca, this week end. I have built an Aerotech Baracuda and hope to launch it for the first time. I also sold all my R/C Heli's and planes and plan to concentrate on rocketry. In search of level one...... Breck
Are there any clubs in our area worth a ..... I contacted a guy in Sac but he said that their club lost its field and the club was kind of debunct.
no new PMs :confused:

in Sac, that would be Jeff Proschold...
glad you got to actually talk to 'em!

the best club i've found is AeroPac which launches at Black Rock where there is a waiver to 100,000' asl and night launches to 8,000' asl (4,000' agl).

the main focus is high power rocketry, but there are always a lot of low power and mid power flights too.

another is LUNAR

they will be launching from a launch site near mendota at the end of october, and there's a launch mid-month at their livermore field, but flights are limited to F-impulse.

I will be launching model rockets from the local high school, bear river high when fire season is over.

hope to see you around!
Originally posted by RocketBBoy
Hey, New guy here!!
I was reading on the kit review forum and a guy refered to himself as a BAR. What doe's he mean??:confused:

S' a big ole harry thang what gots big teeths. I hear tell Danil Boone kilt one with his bare hands. I never knowed they made rockets.
Elapid, Sorry about the PM, just another part of cyberspace I still screw up!!! I will keep in touch and let you know how the Baracuda first flight works out. My Son will graduate from Bear river this year. Is the site big enough for your level 1&2 stuff. I have only seen a small part of the campus. I have been looking for a place local to launch, never thought of That HI-school. PLacer high is in to congested an area. All thed middle schools in Auburn are fenced and gaurded by armed patrol???? I guess they forgot who is paying the bills. Anyway let me know when its time I would like to check it out. Breck
you need a class 3 pyrotechnician present...

bear river is good for LPR model rockets.
maybe some midpower.
i don't think it's legal to fly until fire season is over...
it's definitely not wise.

i got your email and sent a reply.

You need a class three pyrotech to launch what?? Level 1 and 2 ?
Is that a Cali thing or a Nar thing? Breck
Howdy neighbors....

Welcome back RocketBBoy.

Now wheres that rain... Gotta get those pesky soccer players off my field ;-).... The cricket players are easily spooked.

So, RocketBBoy...

How was October Skies in Fres-burg???

Ah, the sweat sound of rain in the evening... Time to blow the dust off the rockets......

TonyF ...

Might launch at the local park next weekend.. Depends on the weather.