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Feb 2, 2009
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Just a thought...looks like it would be easy enough. Any suggestions?
We had a guy in our club who loved to do the upscale Stovi thing. He had a 5.5" and a 7.5" version that flew quite often on Kosdon motors. I remember the 5.5" version on an I420 and a bunch of airstarts... very cool rockets, I might add. Go for it!
Thanks. There seem to be fewer and fewer kits that really appeal to me, but the ones I like, I REALLY like. Guess that means I'm turning into a scratchbuilder!

Anyway, I was thinking about building it with 38mm tubes. The center would be all motor tube, and the externals would have 29mm mounts in them. So it'd fly on either a central 38mm motor, or a cluster of six 29mm's (maybe G35's), or all seven!

Airstarting is a good idea. I haven't tried electronics yet and that'd be a fun way to start. All those tubes would make for some interesting engineering solutions.

Does your friend have a Rocsim file for the 5.5" version?

P.S. It occured to me that the stock version could be a really fun kitbash. Paint it Saturn IB style, and replace the nose cone with Apogee's Apollo capsule kit (pretty sure it's the same diameter). Add some leftover detail pieces from my Estes Saturn V, corrugated sheet styrene, engine bells, USA decals, etc...
I call it "Werhner's Revenge".
Now that's a good have my suppport! I hope you're going for the clustered version and not the centralized larger motor...that's just too many wasted tubes if you go with the single:D
Absolutely I'm going for the cluster! All the tubes will be 38mm so there's no cutting involved. Only the center would be a 38mm motor, the outboards would have 29mm mounts inside. That'll also leave room to run wiring conduits down the tubes. It would certainly be a big, versatile rocket. It could go up on a 38mm I or J, or a cluster of G's, or both.

Right now I'm working on a Mini BBX and after that I'm planning to build a BSD Thor to certify L2. After that, I'm ready to start scratchbuilding or upscaling. A 2X Arreaux would be nice, too...

This started as a back-of-the-napkin exercise, but now I think it would make a great winter project. I'll need to price it out...can't see affording all the electronics right now, but it can at least be built ready for them. All the LOC parts look to be standard dimensions, just differently sized. There shouldn't be much custom work involved except centering rings.

Man, I love high power!