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Jun 30, 2004
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So my wife is buying me my Tripoli membership for our Anniversary (because she rocks like that). We logged on to, and seeing the paypal option we decided that's how we'd like to pay. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to send any of my information along. So before I say goodbye to $70, I'd like to know if others have paid for their Tripoli memberships online, and what their experiences were.
Usually with PayPal you have the option to add comments to be explicit what the payment is for.
Originally posted by bsexton
Usually with PayPal you have the option to add comments to be explicit what the payment if for.

Yea, and I looked for that. But there isn't an option for that before pressing the "Pay!" button. I'm hesitent to take that next step without eharing from someone else that this method works properly. Perhaps I'll just fax. Gotta find a printer.....
Another thought...if you are a verified PayPal member you can include your address information with your payment. But the follow-up email sounds like a good idea.
I joined Tripoli last week using Paypal. Although I am verified by paypal Tripoli required additional information and contacted me by email.
I simple replied and I was sent a short confirmation. All is well. Quite painless actually, the waiting is the hardest part. :)

Part of the email Follows:

Please provide us with:
Full Name and Mailing Address (Some of these do not come through on Pay Pal)
Date of Birth (required – month, day, and year)
Home Phone (required)
Work Phone (optional)
Cell Phone (optional)
Occupation (optional)

I think people joining through Paypal may wish to include this information in the comments section to speed things along.
Awesome Merican, that's exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone :)
Last January I also joined through Paypal. No problems to report :)
Just to clarify, PayPal applications go directly to the TRA Treasurer (Bruce Lee), as do FAXed applications. As Bruce receives them, he forwards the membership information to HQ for processing, while Bruce Lee processes the fees.

In the future, the PayPal process will be changing a bit, in an attempt to collection the necessary information up front, rather than having HQ need to send a follow-up email.
I joined Tripoli through my local club. You fill out a field application and you can even attempt your L1 certification flight on the spot.

Afterward either you or the authorizing person can send in your membership fee. Oh and they knock off $10 after the first year so the renewal fee is $60 a year after that.