TRA L1 certified on 9/13 :)

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Welcome to high power rocketry, now open your wallet! :roll:

Beautiful launch pic on your blog! Redlines are my 2nd favorite propellent!

Again congrats, WTG! :D
Congrats on the L1! :D

You're right about the Callisto being a high altitude rocket. I've had one since 2003 and only flew it on F & G for a lot of years. Scratch built my L1 later but that's a different story. Since then I haven't put anything bigger then a H165R in it. It's only 29mm. Wish I had gotten the 38mm right away.

You need to keep an I366R-L and some binoculars on hand for that perfect day when there is no wind. That will get you well over a mile.
Tripoli rocks!

The rules say you have to pay $5 to have your card re-issued with the Cert # changed, and I was planning to do that, but yesterday in the mail I got a new card with Level 1 printed on it - without asking for or paying for it! :)

Someone had written "Congrats on level 1" on the inside of the envelope.

So cool!