Thrustline "Double Up"...Beta Test Complete!

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Jan 19, 2009
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It has been a honor to Beta Test the "Double Up" for Thrustline Aerospace. John has hit another homerun with this one! The DU is a two stage (gap) model rocket with a very unique looking fin design for the booster. Traditional building methods are used and lots of good balsa wood for the nose cone and fins.

The first flight took place last Saturday (3/6/04) at the SEARS club launch in Headland, Alabama. Conditions were ideal - sunny, clear and little or no wind. I went with a B6-0/B6-4 motor combo. The DU literally went out of sight! Straight boost with no spin or wiggle. Booster separation was perfect and the upper stage continued straight up. Chute deployed just after apogee (best I can tell due to the higth) and landed without any damage. Next time I'm going with C6-0/C6-7 and a streamer. I'll have to run that through Rocksim!

The kit quality is high and you couldn't ask for better, detailed instructions (with a bunch of photos). Also, Thrustline Aerospace has built a solid reputation for not only quality kits but good vendor support as well. Thanks for the opportunity to Beta Test the "Double Up." I wish all my work was this fun!