Starlight's expanding (again)

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bob jablonski

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Jan 30, 2009
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Just got our new rotary 5 ton stamper back with the motor hook die. Now we can kick out motor hooks at a rate over 3,000 per hour. There go's a few more thousand dollars.
Mr. Bob
Starlight dude
And here I thought you were talking about putting on a few pounds from all those Christmas cookies... :D

Congrats on the expansion. What lengths are you making? I might need a dozen E-length hooks.
Have used the Starlight hooks, and they are great! I have tried all sizes for BP motors from 1/4A thru E and they can't be beat!:D

Evil Ed
The folks that made the die made it adjust-o-matic I can adjust the lengths so we'll have mini to "E" for your flying pleasure. Yah I expanded the other way to As the local rocket comunity knows about Mrs Starlight's cookies. Ain't that ricght E. ED?
Mr. Bob
Starlights janitor